For better or worse, Twitter has been one of the defining tools of communication of the 21st Century. It has brought the world closer together while simultaneously tearing societies apart day by day. Genuine and intelligent conversations have been dragged down to creeps trolling people from behind a screen and a character.

News and reactions to news are instant, to the point where it's become the number one news source in the world.

That being said, what we need is a Twitter Hall of Fame to celebrate and study the most relevant social media platform of all-time.

From the funny to the serious to the historic, here are some recommended tweets for the new Twitter Hall of Fame.

1. The one that started it all.

They should've quit while they were ahead.

2. Fyre Festival sandwich.

There is nothing more spectacular than a single photograph of a sandwich destroying an entire music festival.

3. To Covfefe or not to Covfefe?

You obviously can't have a Twitter Hall of Fame without featuring the most infamous tweeter of all-time.

It's tough to select one of Trump's tweets to put into the Hall without initiating an eye-roll and five minutes of staring into the abyss, so we'll go with the only one that made everyone mildly chuckle. (mildly)

4. Obama.

If there's a Hall of Fame for Twitter accounts, Barack Obama belongs in the first class of inductees. The first President to be apart of the social media age, Obama has multiple tweets that are on the list of most liked and retweeted of all-time, whether his successor wants to admit it or not.

This tweet above, celebrating his Vice President's birthday, maybe his Mona Lisa.

5. How to save Snapchat.

How could investors not feel confident in SNAP with this?

6. Perspective of life in different centuries.

At least we get to live longer?

7. When even the CIA makes fun of themselves.

Oh CIA, what will you do next?

8. When Oprah first tweeted, Twitter became legitimate.

The Oprah herself typed her first tweet in all caps.

9. Tweets. In. SPACE.

Wait until we tweet from Mars.

10. Helicopter in the Middle East.

Little did Sohaib Athar know that he live tweeted Osama Bin Laden's death.