10 TV Shows From The 2000s We All Miss
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10 TV Shows From The 2000s We All Miss

Middle/High School, psychic, the future, stardom, talent, relationships - all part of growing up.

10 TV Shows From The 2000s We All Miss
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You have to admit - the 2000s had better TV shows for kids...and just in general.

I look at Disney Channel and Nickelodeon right now and literally just hate what I see. This new era of glossy and really thin teens just makes me sick. Where's the original comedy? Where's the attitude kids are supposed to get from their TV shows? Nowadays, all I have seen are some slight sexual innuendos; yes, they may be so slight that kids won't even realize what they mean, but still...what's with that? Then there's the fake aspects of the shows, like the pounds of makeup and diets these teen stars look like they're on. And the modern shows for kids aren't even funny...at least to me, they're not. Here are some shows that I miss with all my heart, and that I'm sure you do too:

1) Hannah Montana

"You get the limo out front..." HOW COULD YOU NOT MISS THIS?! This show had it all - an eleven year-old girl who lived a double life as a regular kid in school to an actual pop star at night concerts; the struggle to keep the pop star secret showed through this little kid's problems with having to lie all the time to people who got close to her. Almost every episode had the same issue approach for Miley: hiding the fact that she's Hannah Montana.

I'll be honest; at first, I saw the previews for this show when I was like 9 and thought it looked stupid. Then when I actually watched one episode, I was hooked. I loved how this kid close to my age had a regular girl's bedroom with a hidden, walk-in closet that looked like a Forever 21. When this show ended, the world stopped. Watching Miley reveal herself on stage in the last episode really affected all of us. I liked how they connected her choice to how she almost wasn't able to get into college. Disney Channel did it right with ths idea in showing the importance of the future, but I just wish they could have added something to the final episode that would've hinted Miley's singing career wasn't necessarily over.

2) That's So Raven

"It's the future I can see. That's so Raven. It's so mysterious to me." I just loved this show. Raven Symone brought it all. Her character was raw and true to her personality. The sassy yet kind character attracted a huge audience, especially because of her catch phrases with the best facial expressions ever. Her visions of the future would sometimes make life difficult for her family and friends. This problem was the basis of the show's theme; many episodes showed Raven trying to use her visions to make things better for everyone. I always loved how Raven's family contributed to the funny and somewhat familiar household that everyone loved watching. Somewhat familiar because you know, not that many kids are psychic.

3) The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

These guys were hilarious. I loved the unique storyline of a family of twin boys and their mother permanently moving into an elite hotel, and going through a million comedic setbacks and pranks that Zack and Cody created - either accidentally or deliberately. I also loved how this show made it a main point that the other characters affected Zack and Cody a lot

London Tipton with her hilariously stupid and spoiled yet (in the end) nice persona introduced the boys to the ritzy life of a rich, hotel heiress. Maddie Fitzpatrick acted as the complete opposite of London, being the less fortunate yet smarter character that Zack had a major crush on for years. Who can forget Moseby? His character had to put up with all the problems Zack and Cody created in the hotel, but he still cared for them deep down...like really deep down. Finally, Estaban (I won't even try to spell his last name); this guy was fun to watch too because he'd be caught in the middle with having to keep his job and obey Moseby then getting caught up in all the fun the other characters would have.The fact that kids had a life in a hotel made every one of us want that too.

4) Wizards of Waverly Place

"Well you know everything's gonna be a breeze, that the end will no doubt justify the means, you can fix any problem at the slightest ease, yes please. Well you might find out it'll go to your head when you write a report on a book you never read, with the snap of your fingers you can make your bed. That's what I said. Everything is not what it seems when you can get all you wanted in your wildest dreams, you might run into trouble if you go to extremes because everything is not what it seems..."

WHO DOESN'T MISS THAT SONG? That was one of my most favorite songs ever. I loved watching a show about teens that were learning how to be wizards in preparation for a family wizard competition. All the magical issues that Alex would cause somehow pulled her family into the whole thing, which ended up with her obviously paying the price for it. And of course her friend, Harper, with all her weird and fun outfits she created was just a regular human that was dragged into Alex's world of magic. Honestly, I wanted to be that friend at the very least, but mainly Alex. Everyone wanted to be Alex: a total rebel with magical powers. And I had crushes on Max and Justin. Well, didn't everyone?

5) Drake & Josh

This show was so funny, and so familiar to real life sometimes. The interception between the two families of Drake, Megan, and his mom with Josh and his dad brought on a whole take on how families are developed; Drake & Josh proved that sometimes people already have kids from another marriage but meet another person. Wow - revolutionary.

Drake was the ultimate rockstar and perfect guy for the audience; everybody loved watching him sing with his band. (By the way, I met Drake Bell at the Nickelodeon Hotel, just a side note. I know, I got lucky). Luckily Drake Bell was cast because he has actual talent. Josh's personality opposed Drake's with how much Josh cared about school and actually caring about things in life, while Drake was just carefree all the way through. Both step brothers created this funny juxtaposition for the show, but also taught one another important life lessons. Then there was Megan who was out to ruin their lives, and she become a favorite as her perseverance to prank both brothers added more levels of comedy. Who didn't love this show? In my opinion, this show created the comedy platform for all of TeenNick's future shows.

6) iCarly

Honestly I wasn't too crazy about this show. The way Miranda Cosgrove played Carly kind of bothered me for some reasons, but I'm not here to ruin anyone's love for this show. I liked it the more and more I watched it. The show introduced the wave of technology and social media in this generation through the creation of this webcast, "iCarly." And I really liked how they made each tech device personal to their show; you know how they called everything "Pear pods" and "Pear phones," instead of Apple.That was priceless. Nickelodeon had a way of personalizing each one of its shows.

And Spencer, Carly's brother, stole the show. He was the funniest character and no one could ever forget about his beginning on Drake & Josh as "Crazy Steve." The way the show ended was probably one of the best endings to a show I've seen; I loved how they had Carly move away but only temporarily because she got to be with her dad. They gave the ending episode the vibe that the three friends' webcast wasn't actually over.

7) Lizzie McGuire

This show started it all on Disney Channel. It had a lot of lame features to it though, like the theme song. Truthfully, I hated that theme song. It didn't reflect the show at all in my opinion and they didn't even use Hillary's voice for it. I realize she wasn't a pop star way back when it started, but they could have at least used the main character's voice.

Aside from this, the show was relatively cute and had a good message to it: a middle school girl trying to just get through it all - school, mean popular girls, crushes on boys, etc - with her two best friends and her family. And let's not forget about the Lizzie McGuire Movie (finally they used her voice!) with the dream of a school trip in Italy. I was given that same opportunity in ninth grade and I'll be honest, we were all singing the songs from the movie pretending to be Lizzie in Italy; we just couldn't find Paolo.

8) Zoey 101

Who wouldn't want to go to Pacific Coast Academy Boarding school? The show introduced the more unique way of going to school instead of the familiar high school hallways we always see on TV. I absolutely loved watching the whole Chase-crush-on-Zoey unfold through the seasons. I looked forward to it every week. The fun adventures the characters went through were a lot of fun to watch; every time the gang got into some kind of trouble, they'd turn it around and make it better in any way possible. I think that was what everybody loved to watch when this was on the air - how turning something bad around was actually possible, and sometimes, a part of growing up


9) Victorious

This show was my literal dream - going to an arts high school in Hollywood. Every time I watched this, I would be jealous of the characters, yet loved them at the same time. Seeing Victoria Justice's rise to fame on her own show was great. Her character, Tori's, singing talent was inspirational for kids. The way the high school held events, or had chaotic problems, that Tori and her friends would come in and save the day was intriguing. The performances by every character showed the much-loved life of a Hollywood Arts High School student. And of course, no one could forget about Ariana Grande's start to fame on this show, playing Cat Valentine - even the name gave it away of how funny she was.

10) Phil of the Future

This show was simply adorable. A kid from the year 2121 is accidentally brought to the early 2000s and befriends a girl that is hinted at being his crush. Phil Diffy and his family have to find a way to live life in this obsolete time period (in their eyes) temporarily until they find a way to get back to their time - this obviously (and purposely) took forever because how could the show continue if Phil left Keely and the 21st century? Who could forget about the useful gadget the Diffys had - the wizard? That thing was pretty much used in every episode, which of course added complications to the balance of things in time. It was sad that it only lasted for two seasons.

The one thing that was always emphasized in these famous shows were the friendships. Many of them had the same trio of best friends to it, like Miley, Lily, and Oliver, Raven, Chelsea, and Eddy, Carly, Sam, and Freddy, and Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda. And the other shows simply used one best friend or several other characters serving as developing best friends. Either way, friendship was shown as one of the most important things to have; the main characters usually ended up needing their friends to help them, and vice-versa. Disney Channel and Nickelodeon did a great job of illustrating what good friends look like.

Now the channels are messed up. I mean, what's up with the new additions like Austin & Ally, Liv & Maddie, Girl Meets World, Shake it Up, Sam & Cat...? These are all just attempts to recreate the fun we all used to have in watching the old shows. They seriously failed. Sorry, not sorry. All I have to say is "Bring the old shows back!!!!"

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