Best Podcasts For The TV-Obsessed
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5 Podcasts To Listen To If You're TV-Obsessed

Audio-only content for fans of the silver screen.

5 Podcasts To Listen To If You're TV-Obsessed

Almost everyone in today's world claims to be in love with watching TV. Binge watching is a common place hobby. But there are those of us that take the casual pastime and turn into something more: addiction. We want to know more, go behind the scenes, and endlessly discuss our favorite shows. Here are my recommendations of five podcasts that are for and by TV lovers.

1. Gilmore Guys

Gilmore Guys is a delightful episode-by-episode analysis podcast about the CW show Gilmore Girls. Whether you're a longtime Gilmore Guys fan or watch for the first time with the podcast, it's a hilariously strange time.

2. The Shipping Room

For those who get invested in fictional relationships as if they're real relationships, the ladies of The Shipping Room are waiting to welcome you in to their discussions of relationships from many of the most popular TV shows from now and the last several years.

3. Best of Friends

Best of Friends is what it sounds like: the best of Friends. The hosts of BOF go through each episode of the fan-favorite sitcom and are exactly the superfans you'd want analyzing such a great show.

4. Fansplaining

Fansplaining is an especially interesting one for those interested in an analysis of the fan base of television. The hosts discuss topics like the relationship between showrunners and fans, toxic fandoms, fan fiction, and more. Any aspect of being a fan of TV is analyzed deeply. Exactly the kind of thing for deeply invested TV fans.

5. The Good Place: The Podcast

Another episode-by-episode analysis, The Good Place: The Podcast is produced by the same people who produced the show. Host Marc Evan Jackson plays recurring character Shawn on the show. Guests every week include writers, actors, producers, and crew from the "smartest, dumbest show on television," as stated by Marc Evan Jackson.

Happy listening!

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