Thanksgiving dinner-

I wish my body’d get thinner.

As I recover from meals-

From half past passed four,

I think my pants just tore

From picking up the half eaten biscuit from off the floor.

For I love food,

It brings me joy...

'Cause in my mouth-

There's Chips Ahoy!

From eyes staring around the table,

You’d think I’m disabled-

As for a brief moment,

I think my body’s bloated.

I’m given the itis,

A food coma at best-

From having a food baby from the shit I’ve digest.

Turkey legs to cupcakes-

I’m getting fat for Christ’s sake!

Staring at the dinner table,

I think a conversation should be enabled.

From Grandmas to Uncles-

To cousins a bundle,

To spend some good time-

With the family of mine.

Maybe friends to just family,

Let’s all just agree-

That for Thanksgivings meals,

You’ll cut me a deal,

One plate a time-

Or else you’ll die.

For if there's no more pie,

You’ll be seeing a crime.

Because Christmas is coming,

And you’re getting no presents...