Tumblr Moves To Ban Content Rather Than Continue Its Legacy

Tumblr Moves To Ban Content Rather Than Continue Its Legacy

Everyone has a different definition of "inappropriate material."


Tumblr, the microblogging site which offered a happy medium between anonymity and creative expression, is now banning the very content which built the site: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material and adult-oriented content. A directory for such material was created in 2010, alongside other directories for topics like art, fashion, and photography. The site was seen as a safe haven for promoting creativity and connection and was an alternative to searching riskier sites for adult material.

It was a safe place for users to explore and share their interests without judgment.

In 2013, after being acquired by Yahoo, Tumblr underwent some initial changes to curb the availability of NSFW content. A complicated filtration system was introduced which seemed to erase such content. Yet, those familiar with the site were able to bypass the system and find the material they wanted to see.

The changes didn't stop there. Once acquired by Verizon, the site's 'safe mode' became standard and essentially blacklisted content deemed 'inappropriate'. Although the feature could be disabled, many users had to offer explicit consent when they wanted to view 'inappropriate' material. This created an added barrier and made users feel uncomfortable.

Tumblr fell victim to the corporate world in which pornographic, sexual content is sanitized and pushed under the rug.

Despite these changes, Tumblr claims to be curating a welcoming environment, but the content it is now blocking was the sole reason many felt welcome on the site in the first place. It was a place for women to be the creators, rather than the objects of adult, pornographic material. It allowed people to feel safe exploring their sexualities and desires through anonymity and choice of content. Whether the content was in the form of photographs, videos, GIFs, or stories, it was not the mainstream content found on traditional pornography sites.

There was no 'standard' view of the human form. Tumblr catered to all and all felt welcome.

Although the changes won't take effect until December 17th, many users have had their content flagged since the announcement. A machine-learning algorithm has been implemented to detect adult content and warn users on whose sites they appear. Without the added verification from human eyes, many users have seen non-adult content flagged as inappropriate. Examples include a crochet candle and an artist's drawings of dinosaurs and dragons which have appeared in books. Even a photo of Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals sleeping with the Stanley Cup was deemed NSFW. Although many have appealed the flagging of their content, the algorithm poses a greater threat to Tumblr's most important community.

LGBTQ users of Tumblr feel this decision and algorithm will harm their community and hurt the content they create.

When at first this group felt welcome, they now feel alienated. Not only did members find a safe place to talk about their issues, but Tumblr was also the most diverse site in its content offerings. A place of self-discovery is now turning into a place of shame. The algorithm has deemed tags associated with the LGBTQ community, like #bisexual, #gay, #queer, etc. as NSFW. What does this tell the LGBTQ community? That their sexualities are being deemed unsafe and too adult for children to consume.

Tumblr is headed in the same direction as the internet overall: an unwelcoming space for sexual content now forcing users to self-censor or risk being banned from the site.

Erasing the very people who built Tumblr and found their communities online when real-life people ignored them will cause irreparable damage.

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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The (In)Famous Youtuber, Olivia Jade, Exposed

Did her parents pay 500K for Olivia to get into USC?


"The New York Times" published an article on March 12, talking about the latest News of Olivia Jade. Olivia is a famous influencer on social media from YouTube to Instagram in which she collectively upholds millions of followers.

After Olivia posted two advertisements on Instagram following her college pathway, people began to questions the legitimacy of her enrollment at USC.

On Tuesday, March 12th, a federal investigation began, known as "Operation Varsity Blues," which covers the concept of bribery and committing other forms of fraud to get admitted into the college of their dreams.

Some possible acts of fraud include: having children falsely designated as athletic recruits; bribing proctors to edit answers on standardized college-entry exams and hiring people to pose as students to raise grade-point averages.

Her parents are said to have paid $500K for both Olivia and her sister, Isabella, to be placed as recruits for the university's crew team.

It is one thing to try and get around things in grade school and high school, but when it starts to reach college education and graduate programs, that's when the intensity escalates. College over the past couple years has become more and more difficult to get into. And with inflation, prices just seem to keep getting higher and higher. That's why this topic is quite sensitive.

It is not right and extremely inhumane to pay your way into college when students are working hard their entire life to get into their dream school and most of them don't even make it there. USC is a very well known university and especially known for its journalism and communication school, which is recognized as one of the top programs in the country.

People need to earn a spot in that school, not just be handed a letter of acceptance into a program we all strive to be in as intellectual students.

I am a student in which I feel I have worked extremely hard to earn the spot I have been granted within the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, but I also know my friends who got accepted into Ivy Leagues and UC schools, and the biggest thing that stood out to me was their work ethic.

We are being brought up into a generation in which things are handed to us, school has become easier in the sense that everything is on Google, we don't even have to read books anymore due to Spark Notes. We aren't being challenged enough as students, and now we have famous children being literally bought into the education program.

It is time for this kind of inhumane acts to stop and for children and parents to start realizing what hard work really looks like.

Remember we are all here for one reason, to get an education.

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