So guess who hasn't been able to keep themselves out of Tumblr — even after that last article I wrote? Even more, now that my Tumblr is uncensored...

Oh God, please don't think I'm a weirdo...

However, classes just began, and this is how I deal with the stress that began before classes even began.

Most of the things I reblog still contain some dark humor. And I relate to it. It's barely day two, and yet...

I still go to this app to hide from my pains. Instead, looking for things to distract my mind.

discussion (longer than above) that proves how of an awful friend Patrick is. It's quite interesting.

I find some amazing posts that lift my mood in ways I never deemed possible, but then...

It's hard to not relate. They speak the dark symphonies of the soul.

It makes it even worse because there are people who know how you feel. Yet, they don't do anything to help you. Like, the government fake for not checking up on you when they see you crying. (That was actually a post on Tumblr, but I couldn't sadly find it...)

And they just keep on coming:

I agree, though, we're all frustrated at this point in life. But there's still some twisted humor found here.

Home is comfy after all unless everybody there doesn't like you... (Insert crying-laughing emoji here please.)

Or the twisted humor attacks you and your friends have.

Or just your post in general.

Or your childhood, which we've all come to lose now. Especially since we can now identify all of the innuendos in our favorite shows.

Or it somehow takes you back to your lovely days in high school.

Somehow, you can't stop pressing reblog on all of those posts you see that make you chuckle at 4 a.m., am I right? It's impossible to stop once you get there. Sometimes, it makes me think that I need a shrink. But, Britney Spears can express accurately how I've been feeling.

So just let me finish with this last picture:

Still, don't go to Tumblr, my dear readers.