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My Top 3 Most Anticipated Games Coming Out Within The Next Year

All aboard the hype train!


After spending my first year of college without my video game consoles with me, I soon found myself out of the loop, that loop being the new video game releases. However, next semester I'm jumping back into the loop now that my systems are coming to college with me.

After seeing all the upcoming games that are coming out soon, I can say it feels pretty good to be in the loop again.

1. "Borderlands 3" (September 13, 2019)

There's no better company that can pull off an amazing open world RPG such as the people at Gearbox Software. I can still remember watching the fake trailers as teasers for "Borderlands 3" after the release of "Borderlands 2." We got spinoffs such as "Borderland the Pre-Sequel" and "Tales from the Borderlands." They weren't "Borderlands 3," but they still were pretty fun to play. But when "Borderlands 3" was announced and gameplay was shown, I found myself in anticipation and asking for more. With four new operators to choose from with their own unique skill trees, recurring characters from previous games, the promise of 1 billion guns, a new loot system, new game mechanics, and new environments, the only thing I can ask for now is to play the game.

2. "Watch Dogs Legion" (March 6, 2020)

The main excitement comes from the game's main gimmick/selling point: that every NPC in the game is playable with their own set of skills that they specialize in, from young street hipsters to old ladies. If you see a character, then they're playable. Plus it's an open world game, which I am a complete sucker for. The story isn't that bad either. Players will be in charge of taking back London after a corrupt private military corporation has taken control. I can see my brother and I playing this game for hours.

3. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" (March 20, 2020)

We haven't seen an actual Animal Crossing game on a console for some time now since "New Leaf,' which was back in 2012. If you wanna count "Pocket Camp," go ahead, but like I said, on a console. Loads of new mechanics, villagers, and multiplayer locally and wireless. This is gonna be a good game.

What games are you excited about?

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Hey You, Get Off Your Phone!

A phone addiction: the one thing we all have in common.


Your best friend is telling you about her relationship issues when you get a text from another friend. You nod along as she speaks and go to reach for your phone, responding to the text.

You're at work when you hear your phone buzz- it's Urban Outfitters and they're telling you about a sale: 25% all graphics tees! You know it'll look bad to be on your phone but you've got to hop on the good deal before it's gone.

You've got a million things to do- finish a 12 page report by Thursday, clean the dishes, respond to a 100 emails- but you also have snapchats to open, an Instagram to scroll through, and tweets to retweet. A little procrastination never hurt.

We're all guilty of doing it. We've become so normalized to a life with a phone in our hand 24/7, that not being on it sends us into a spiral. It's an addiction and a habit that's incredibly hard to break, but it's the reason that our friends feel ignored, our bosses think we're distracted, and our everyday tasks gets pushed to the last minute.

Force yourself to find another outlet when you're bored.

I recently decided to delete the apps I know are a biggest waste of my time, and find other distractions instead- distractions that involve the people and things that are right in front of me.

Read a book, go for a walk, talk to your friends and parents, paint, draw, go for a run.

Give the respect that people deserve.

Your friends aren't going to stay your friends for too long if you're half listening when they're speaking to you. If you want people to give a shit about your problems, you might want to put in a little effort on your end.

Not to mention, staring at your phone all day is definitely killing your brain cells.

Studies have proven that cellphone usage leads to a shorter attention span. It's the reason we cannot read for more than a couple minutes without getting distracted and why we can't remember things as well as we used to before the era of smart phones.

Habits are hard to break- it takes about 21 days to form one but even longer to get out of one. Take little steps in achieving a life without your hands plastered to your phone and remember that reality is so much better than the digitalized version we see on our 5 by 7 screens.

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