Tulipán, an Argentine sex toy retailer, has created a "Consent Condom" which would require both people involved in the sexual activities to open the condom together in order to use it. This condom has been getting attention recently, even being praised as "progressive". Unfortunately, hard to tear packaging won't stop unwanted advances.

Consent is an important issue, and I appreciate that Tulipán is trying to highlight that importance with their intention to raise awareness about consent in the bedroom. However, if someone doesn't care about your consent, I can promise you that they don't care about putting a condom on first. In fact, this new packaging hinders victims of sexual abuse, as it suggests that once the condom is open and sex has begun, that no one can take back that consent.

Tulipán released a statement saying, "The condom is not meant to be a solution to sexual assault, but rather to spread the important message of consent in all circumstances." I agree that the use of protection is important in every situation and I appreciate Tulipán for trying to spread that message. Nevertheless, there is much more that can and needs to be done to prevent sexual assault, and that doesn't include a condom that is difficult to open.