T's 6 Must-Haves for Your Fall Wardrobe
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T's 6 Must-Haves for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall clothes!

T's 6 Must-Haves for Your Fall Wardrobe

Hello people, it's me again! So if you're keeping up to date with my weekly articles, you may recall that two weeks ago I gave you my 5 Drinks I Can't Wait To Try This Fall. Well, for this weeks article, I'm still keeping with the fall theme...but instead of drinks, it's going to be my fall wardrobe must-haves! I usually am not one to be excited that it's fall because I am 100% a summer kind of girl, but for some reason this year, I was super excited to start the fall season (even though if you live in PA, like I do, you might have noticed that we're kind of slacking in the fall area...however, we are starting to see those leaves change...FINALLY!!) So I figured I'd give you peeps what I like to have in my fall wardrobe....let's be honest though, some of these items can cross over to different seasons as well. Ok, enough rambling, let's get this started!

1. Sweaters (weather...see what I did there...ha...ha...ok, sorry, continuing now)

I love, love, love a good, cozy sweater and honestly, the bigger/baggier it is, the better! I love being able to pull it down over my hands when I'm cold to help warm me up...plus you get to have sweater paws!

2. Jeans

Having the "perfect" pair of jeans really helps make an outfit. And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about either...we all have that pair that is our go to, that we hate putting in the wash because, "What am I going to wear while they're getting cleaned??" They're your favorite for a reason.

3. Flannels

I love flannels because: 1. You can pair them with pretty much anything, acting as a wearable accessory and 2. You can never have too many of them!

4. Dresses

Dresses are a must because they are SO versatile and they really don't have to be confined to a specific season. You can pair them with a jacket and/or tights for the colder seasons while in the warmer seasons, you can just wear them by themselves!

5. Scarves

Scarves....ahh...don't get me started! I'll leave it at this: they're like flannels, you can NEVER have too many of them and if someone says that you do have too many of them, then tell that person bye because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

6. Boots

Boots, booties...give them all to me! Don't be afraid of them! You don't have to only wear them with jeans or only wear them with dresses...mix it up, we're supposed to be able to express ourselves through fashion!!

Ok, so even though this doesn't have anything to do with clothes, I had to throw this in here because as long as it's fall, you can usually find this in my house....

CANDY CORN!! I love it *heart eyes* and don't be giving me that "you're disgusting, I can't believe you eat that" look...I see you...I'm not telling you to start eating it and I'm not judging you and giving you the "I can't believe you think it's gross" look.

Alright, I'm done now... Anywho, I hope you liked my fall wardrobe must-haves and maybe you found out something we have in common! What are some of your fall wardrobe must-haves? Are there ones that you would have added to my list or taken away?

Until next time! Kisses!!

All pictures were found on Google.com

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