Try Not To Look Directly At The Camera

Guess what I got to do today?

I got to have my own little paparazzi. *cue Lady Gaga*

Well, not really.

But I did have a friend of mine take pictures of me yesterday. She is a VERY dope photographer, and she offered. Anyone that knows me knows that I love being in pictures no matter the reason so I jumped at the chance.

And it's even better that the person that was doing the picture taking was someone that I was super comfortable with, especially to the point where I could make dumb jokes and she would actually laugh.

If you know me, you know that's not a feat that I take lightly because even though I think I am a hilarious person, most people do not. Lucky for me, that usually doesn't stop me.

But, it was great. We went to this really swanky hotel, acted like we belonged there and just took pictures in front of the prettiest things. The flowers, the fountains, the benches, you name it. If it looked pretty enough to take a picture in front of, that's what we were doing.

One thing that I was very thankful for was the fact that she didn't care about how awkward I was. Even though I love being in pictures so much, I almost never know how to pose for them. She had some direction for me!

Cause Lord knows I need it (not just in pictures, but in life too).

And even though the friend that was taking the pictures has zero confidence in herself when it comes to taking these pictures, I had complete faith in her and I had all of the faith that these pictures will turn out to be BOMB.

With all of the concerned guests looking at us, and the constant telling me that I needed to do something other than smile (because it's me and that's pretty much the only thing that I know how to do well), she was a professional to the highest degree and I have no doubt that one day she'll be some famous photographer.

And honestly, I can't help but think that the pictures that she took today will be the ones that put her on the map. I don't know; it's just a hunch I have.

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