Social media really has a way of making going home for the summer seem like the most fun and free time. We all look forward to summer starting because we see pictures of beaches and boats and hear about late nights and long drives. When finals rolled around, that stuff is really all that was getting us through – the sheer thought of soaking up the sun in a cute new bikini, sand in your hair and something cold in your hand.

These are all great thoughts, except now that we’re home, reality has sunk in and we do not live our lives like Instagram models. So here is just a small list of some of the things that didn’t quite go as planned this summer.

1. All day lake days spent on the boat with all your friends

This is almost realistic, except when you and all of your friends have a day off on the same day? Literally never.

2. Being able to say ‘yes’ whenever your friends want to hang out

I wish I could count the number of times I’ve replied ‘can’t sorry, I work’. The only thing I ever say yes to is picking up another shift.

3. Going out for the night

This is totally realistic. After work, you just get ready and head out with your friends. Always sounds like a perfect plan until you get there and realize how tired you are from working all day and remember you have to be up early the next day. So maybe it’s possible, but not all that enjoyable.

4. Taking all these crazy and spontaneous mini vacations

First of all, how do you even make this happen? You need to find at least one other person willing to drop their stuff and come with you, make a hefty budget because something is bound to go wrong for a group of teenagers on a vacation and make some sort of travel plan. It was exhausting enough just thinking about it, let alone making that a reality.

5. Taking full day shopping sprees like your bank account is bottomless

This has got to be one of social media’s biggest lies. What teenager is going out and spending hundreds of dollars at every retail shop known to mankind like it didn’t just take them an entire month to make that money. I don’t know about you, but my paychecks usually get deposited into my gas tank or my savings account.

6. Achieving that perfect summer tan and body

Do people really have the time and motivation to work out in the summer and not eat ice cream all day long? Because I would love to meet someone with that kind of drive. We all want that flawless summer look, but who has time for just laying around waiting for the sun to do its thing or going on a run? Even when I do have days off, I’d rather lay in bed in the air conditioning and binge a Netflix series than be hot and sweaty.