21 Truths Every Girl Should Know By 21
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Student Life

21 Truths Every Girl Should Know By 21

And if you don't, there's no better time than the present to figure them out.


Life is complicated, that's just a fact. If there is anything I've learned in my (almost) 21 years, it would be that. Things don't work out, you fall down sometimes and have to decide how to get back up. Here are 21 little pieces of advice every 21 year old girl should know, follow and live by.

1. Being kind is more important than being cool.

I get it, sororities are all the rage and some of them have really nasty reputations of not being the nicest girls on campus. Do yourself a favor and talk to the quiet girl in class, sit next to the one who looks lonely or compliment the one who doesn't seem confident. Kindness goes a long way.

2. Your parents are usually right.

As much as I hate to admit it, like 99% of the things my parents used to get on my case about were truly things I needed to hear. Even if it was slightly annoying.

3. What you do today affects your reputation tomorrow.

This goes along with the kindness one. How you treat others will ultimately change how other people view and treat you. Period.

4. You don't need all that makeup.

I promise you were beautiful before you discovered the sorcery of making yourself look like a completely different person.

5. You aren't expected to be bulletproof.

It's ok to have a breakdown sometimes. Sh*t hits the fan a lot and nobody expects you to paint on a smile every day and get through it.

6. You had self-worth before that boy showed it to you.

Often times it is a guy who helps a girl see her full potential because he is a fresh set of eyes on something that she views every day. You were worthy before he came along and you will be worthy if he leaves.

7. Outer beauty attracts guys, inner beauty makes them stay.

Don't be too jealous of Brittany from Kappa Flappa Whatever. You might not think you are a showstopper, but any guy worth keeping around will fall in love with the thing that matters most: your heart.

8. Staying in on a Friday night doesn't make you a loser.

It's called self care, hun. Put on the baggy t-shirt, cue up Netflix and enjoy time with yourself instead of out at some trashy bar with trashy guys.

9. It's ok to have the extra slice of pizza.

The meaning of life is not having a super toned stomach and butt. Being happy definitely is, though.

10. Don't ever feel stupid for the things that make you happy.

Whether it be watching true crime documentaries or trying recipes from a cool cooking show, do it.

11. You have to respect yourself if you expect a guy to do the same.

If he notices that you don't think highly of yourself, he will fall into the routine of treating you that way. Don't let it happen.

12. Having the right clothes, hair, nails, whatever isn't everything.

Who cares if the girl in front of you in econ always seems to be wearing LuLu Lemon? Good for her. You do you.

13. Social media doesn't define your worth.

I've seen girls on social media who pretend their life is one thing while it is really another. Don't compare yourself.

14. You are smart.

Maybe you don't get straight A's or have a perfect GPA. That doesn't mean you aren't an intelligent woman capable of making this world a better place.

15. Whether you are in a good or bad place in life, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons sometimes, but the big man upstairs will never put you through something for no good reason.

16. It's ok not to be an outgoing person.

Maybe you're just naturally reserved and there is nothing wrong with that. The most quiet people are often the ones who know the most because they truly listen.

17. Don't let one guy ruin your outlook on the entire gender.

Yeah, Brad from Phi Kappa Coconut is a real moron but the slightly nerdy guy who always smiles at you in your sociology lecture? He isn't. Don't label an entire gender just because of one faulty tool.

18. The amount of friends you have doesn't attribute to how likable you are.

I know crappy people who have 100 friends and amazing people who have 10. It's all about how you present yourself and who you present yourself to.

19. Love yourself before you love another person.

This used to make me so mad, but it's true. If you love yourself, you will know you worth and you will damn well know if that guy knows how amazing you are too.

20. Having thick skin is important but really difficult sometimes.

This world can be such an awful place. Don't let every little thing get to you because it is not worth your time or happiness.

21. Just. Do. You.

Comparing yourself to everyone else will only result in you being extremely unhappy. Be yourself, do what you want and make yourself happy because girl, you deserve it.

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