8 Aca-Awesome Truths That 'Pitch Perfect' Missed

Before the arrival of "Pitch Perfect" on the movie screens, collegiate acapella wasn't an activity that'd be found highlighted on the front page of the collegiate newspaper. Now, however, more and more people are taking notice of the activity - but it's not always as it's depicted in the movies. Yes, there are some truth to the movies, but there are also handfuls upon handfuls of myths.

1. Choosing auditionees isn't always black and white.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing someone for callbacks. Are their voices going to blend well with the rest of the group's? Do they have any prior experience? Just because they have stunning voices doesn't necessarily mean they're the best fit for the group.

2. There are no hazing rituals.

For one, hazing rituals are outlawed at nearly every college campus in the country. Secondly, the voice box is delicate. Third, HAZING RITUALS ARE OUTLAWED AT NEARLY EVERY COLLEGE CAMPUS IN THE COUNTRY. Where else do we get the money to stay running?

3. But there are parties.

And they're just about as wild as they are in the movies. Minus that whole part in Pitch Perfect 3 where the group does something illegal every fifteen minutes or so. Acapella kids aren't that hardcore - save it for the theater guild. The best things acapella groups can produce are intoxicated versions of "Electric Love" while surprisingly staying in key.

4. Acapella live sounds are nothing like it does on the soundtracks.

There are voice imbalances. Acoustics aren't always the best in some areas. Someones deadly sick and can't perform. All of these can contribute to a lack of the best sound a group can give; and plus, humans aren't made to sound like they're professionally recorded.

5. Not all collegiate groups compete.

Some groups just like to get together, jam out, and watch videos of fancy pineapple French toast in between rehearsals. If every collegiate acapella group competed, there would probably be a lot more sabotaging going on between groups.

6. Not all acapella groups on the same campus hate each other.

Some of them even have inter-group friendships! Outside of the rehearsal room, acapella kids are just regular students who struggle to get by. Belonging to a group is really more just having another label attached to yourself. And when all of the acapella groups get together and perform, it's bound to be a rockin' show.

7. And not all acapella kids are divas.

Okay, maybe some of them are. (Kidding.) But if you ever meet a member of an acapella group, they're usually some of the most chill people you meet. Most likely, they'll have a wicked arsenal of hilarious YouTube videos and impeccable music taste. The one problematic thing about having one as a friend may be that they're in rehearsal all the time, though. But that doesn't matter because you go to all of their shows, right?

8. One thing is for sure: Being a part of a group is an indescribable experience.

Being a part of a group not only improves you as a musician, it improves you as a person. Suddenly, you have a whole group of people you see every week like clockwork - people that you can say hi to on campus, people that you know you'll have a good time with at a party.

But most of all, they're the group of people that'll be a part of that heady feeling you get when you all stand on stage and produce the best sound ever made.

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