15 Undeniable Truths About Being An Aquarius

15 Undeniable Truths About Being An Aquarius

You love to party.

1. You’re super social

You talk to everyone and usually have something interesting to say.

2. You’re unique

You march to the beat of your own drum, you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

3. You have beautiful eyes.

There’s often a cool, icy blue, but no matter the color, they’re hypnotizing.

4. Which works because you’re a flirt

You can even be a tease.

5. You love to party

You love people so much, it makes sense you want to party every night.

6. You’re full of wanderlust

You love to travel, you wish to see the world one day.

7. You can be very temperamental

You can be hella hot-blooded. It’s not a good idea to tick you off.

8. You have trust issues…

Even though you probably shouldn’t, but you do.

9. And as a result, can be very possessive

You don’t let people mess with your stuff.

10. You don’t really share your emotions.

You HATE talking about how you feel.

11. You’re independent

You don’t need anyone to tell you how things are going to be, you are the master of your own destiny.

12. You’re enthusiastic

You’re usually peppy and ready for all sorts of adventures.

13. You like to be around a lot of people

You’re a humanitarian, and this guides you. It’s why you’re so social, love parties, and love crowds.

14. You’re a contrarian

You love to play the devil’s advocate.

15. You’re incredibly interesting.

You have a magnetic personality that draws numerous people to you. You are fun to be around and people adore your presence. And Oprah is also an Aquarius! So that alone makes it an amazing sign!

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6 Places in New York City Every "Friends" Fan Needs to Visit

Grab a cup of coffee at Central Park.

As a Friends fanatic myself, I often wonder about the places in New York City featured in the various episodes and whether I could actually visit them. Most of them are fictional or no longer exist, but there are a few places you can go to reminisce about your favorite Friends moments. So, here are 6 places in New York City you definitely need to visit as a Friends fan.

1. The Apartment Building, Obviously

The building used for the exterior shot of the apartments in Friends is real, and is located at 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street in Greenwich Village. It's an obvious must-see.

2. The Pullitzer Fountain

This is the fountain that the friends danced around in for the iconic theme song, and it's located right in Central Park.

3. Bloomingdale's

This is the department where Rachel worked before she moved on to Ralph Lauren, where she met Joshua, and where she started her career in fashion.

4. The Plaza Hotel

This is where Monica and Chandler celebrated their engagement in The One WIth Monica's Thunder, and is actually really gorgeous.

5. The Central Perk Replica

While Central Perk isn't a real coffee shop, a pop-up replica opened up in 2014 on Lafayette Street and it's definitely a must-visit.

6. Chandler's Office

The fictional Chandler works in the real Solow Building, located on West 57th street.

Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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My Intuition: A Poem

My intuition doesn't like watching me thrive.


My mind is full of noise. It seems as if I never have a moment of quiet.

The voice of my intuition is nearly silent.

It lets everyone's loud voices speak over it. Their voices talk louder and louder.

My intuition never asks them to listen, it enjoys putting them first and taking away my power.

As soon as I try to get it to speak and lead the way, it shuts down and goes quiet.

It likes how its shyness puts me through a mental riot.

My intuition is cruel, sadistic — it wants me to suffer.

It knows what I want, yet denies me the pleasure.

It smugly smiles at me and laughs at my humiliation.

It tells me, "You will never get what you want, so stop trying" in every hard situation.

I envy those with intuitions that are open and free.

The only thing that motivates mine is evoking shame and anxiety.

Their intuitions try to make their world bright and happy.

I daydream about mine finally wanting to look after me.

I want to speak my mind, stand up for myself, and try to improve my life.

But it feels impossible, since my intuition doesn't like watching me thrive.

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