Having people you trust in your life is very important. Whether it’s your friends, members of your family, potential partners, or your actual partners; trust is the key to everything. Not having trust in these people makes your life a lot harder because now you feel that it is necessary to not be yourself and always watch what you say in front of them. Growing up, I never really had trust issues; I felt that I could trust everyone right off the bat. This alone led me to realize not everyone is who they say they are and people change from what they used to be to what they are now because of how they trust people. This led to me having a lot of trust issues in my future. I have indeed lost a lot of friends and partners due to lack of trust. Like everyone usually, I would try and give second chances to them but this is not something you should always be doing. I learned the hard way of giving chances to people who truly don't deserve them and I have learned that people do actually learn from their past in order to create a better future for themselves. When you lose someone due to lack of trust, it creates a consistent negative preconceived notion that you cannot trust everyone no matter who they are. You immediately start doubting everyone in your life because of that one person; it is truly unfair to you and to the people in your life who are actually there for you. Trust is something so easy to gain and so easy to lose at the same time. It is not fair to anyone to give them a reason to doubt your every move and everything you say. The feeling of being trusted by people is a blessing. Not everyone these days are easy to trust so when you have certain people in your life no matter who they are, do not give them a reason to doubt and I am sure they won't either. I felt the need to write this because of the amount of trust issues I have realized that I have had over the years. Keep the ones you trust close to you and the ones you do not trust are not worth your time anymore; do not feel that you always have to give chances to these people in your life because you knew them. Some people are meant to be temporary. I am going to end with a quote but it is unknown who the originator is: "If there is no trust there is no 'us'."