You can't simultaneously act like you support both.
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You Can't Claim To Both Care About The Environment And Support President Trump's Policies

It should be a top priority, despite personal opinions on him - put your arrogance aside.


Stop making excuses. They don't even make sense anymore. It's okay to admit that there's no excuse and that your argument is faulty sometimes, I promise.

I'm not naïve enough to think that one person, or one president, can change the landscape of our deteriorating environment, but I am smart enough to recognize that no matter who is or was in office, not enough is being done. Yet currently, we see the extremely limited policies we do have being deregulated including: replacing the Clean Power Plan, rollbacks in protecting endangered species, cancelling NASA's Carbon Monitoring System, and proposing a rollback on auto emission standards, to name a very mere few.

What's the excuse? Money and jobs? The economy? Nonsense, vague answers as usual. What will this matter when the deterioration is so bad that certain industries, like agriculture, are completely destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of lives are lost and put at severe risk; when people are dead so they don't have to worry about jobs anymore.

If you haven't noticed, this is already happening now, and at the rate we are at, it doesn't look like were veering towards a better track anytime soon. Just because you may not be experiencing the effects in your immediate atmosphere yet, doesn't mean they aren't happening at severe levels globally, or that they won't ever effect you because of "where you live"; that's Western world bias for you. Take a quick search online and look at the increase in natural disasters, food and water shortages happening globally, and getting worse everyday.

Will money and "bringing back clean coal" (no such thing,) matter then? No. This issue is bigger than everyone and their personal views, desire to argue, and the pettiness of politics. Why are environmental policies still even a bipartisan issue? It makes no sense; simply for the sake of disagreeing and stirring up divisive support.

Climate change never seemed to be a big subject of "debate" before. Monitoring the effects of climate change, identifying the sources, and updating studies have been around for years and years, long before Trump was president. So, why is it all of a sudden such a bipartisan and "debatable" topic? He refuses to accept facts that don't fit his agenda, and attempts to retract the smallest steps forward, stirring it up in a way that turns it into a "debate." He may have had a good real estate career, or been a good businessman, but he's no scientist. So why are people suddenly questioning not even what scientists are in almost perfect unison about, but effects that can be seen globally almost every day? Personal bias? It's bigger than that.

As I said, I'm not here to blame this all on one person, but to represent how senseless it is that this is suddenly such a divisive topic, when it never should be. Even if you support President Trump, you don't have to bandwagon on everything that comes out of his mouth, and this seems to be a daunting example of support out of spite. Ask yourselves, in spite out of what? We should all want change and protective policies in place for our own health, our own environment, and our future.

We all share the planet, regardless of how much we disagree on politics, but why don't we all want to protect it? If you still don't know the answer by now, you might find out when its too late.

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