Trump's America
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Trump's America

If you care about America and its future, read this. Share this.

Trump's America

If you care about America and its future, read this. Share this."One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all". Not in this America in which we live in today. We are a nation divided. Liberties are being taken away one by one. Justice is not being applied to all. George Washington once stated: "However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion." Donald Trump is everything our nation's first President, George Washington warned us about. He also goes on to warn us that the divide amongst parties would threaten our democracy, something Trump tries to do on the daily: tear this nation apart between Republicans and Democrats.

No President has ever spoken the way he has before to pit Americans against Americans. And before any questions arise, this is not being written from a political perspective of right or left wing, rather from a human standpoint, using common sense and the observation of Trump's last four years as President to witness the shallow cracks that are starting to be formed in our democracy. Those cracks won't heal with another four years of Trump. They'll only get deeper and deeper until an explosion occurs. A civil war that will tear this nation apart.

You know it's serious when an outstanding leader of our nation, former President, Barack Obama, is forced to untraditionally speak out against our current President and calling him out for not taking the job seriously, and for not using his position correctly to lead "the greatest country in the world". Although Trump might have some good ideas on economy, or foreign trade with China, that's not everything. As we have seen today, in the year 2020, a great economy isn't the only thing to worry about. Economies will come and go, but freedoms and liberties history. Germany, The Soviet Union, Cuba, China, etc. The list goes on. Let's not have the United States of America be a country that's added onto that list.

Our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us before our very eyes. Donald Trump is not a man who believes in liberty and justice for all, rather is the one man in American history who has suppressed it the most. Our first amendment right, granted to us in the constitution gives us the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Speech and assembly are the first two off the list in which we have seen taken away so far to some extent. Peaceful Black Lives Matter protests gassed and attacked by mobs of police. In one instant just so the President could get a photo-op with a bible. Regardless of whatever funding goes behind organizations, these are American people we are talking about, who feel outraged and let down by their country. Instead of giving them a voice to be heard, Trump shut them out and even called on his own cult (MAGA) followers to go out and go up against the Black Lives Matter protestors, inciting violence and further elevating the issue. Tearing this country apart. It isn't an opinion. It's happening right before us, except some of us just choose not to see the whole truth.

The freedom of the press is also being taken away. Trump walks out on press conferences when he feels pressure from the reporters in answering questions he feels uncomfortable with. He shields the truth from the American people, but then goes on to call all news outlets that are against him "fake news". It doesn't take much to go against Trump, all they have to do is shown a video of his press conference and without saying anything else, he does all the work for them by what he says and how he acts. Trump's "fake news" is eerily similar to "Lügenpresse", the German term for "fake news" used by German dictator Adolf Hitler. The great thing about how our founding fathers established this country is that we aren't censored in what we see and can for now, see the clear truth about this nation's "leader". Let's not have that taken away.

During the Pandemic, Trump tried to turn his people against the democrats, and specifically Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, a great leader during the pandemic who many looked up to for his genuine leadership and skilled speaking ability. When Cuomo excelled and called out Trump for his negligence, Trump instead of addressing it politically and bringing our country together, tried to turn blame on Cuomo, as he always does. He never takes responsibility for his own actions, and then makes the situation worse by finding a scapegoat or pitting Americans against one another, even in times where we needed to be unified as a nation dealing with unprecedented events. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic's on our country could have been made better with the help of a pandemic response team, one which Trump dismantled back in 2018. The lies told by Trump in all his propaganda press conferences, worried Americans from coast to coast, unsure of what to believe anymore in such troubling times. Don't believe he spun up lies? Search up the YouTube videos. The facts are there, and it's your civil responsibility as an American to see the truth and not be ignorant.

Asked what he would tell Americans who were scared during these times, instead of inspiring and instilling hope in our people, his response was: "I'd tell them you're a horrible reporter". Really? He can't even give a few words ensuring Americans we'll get through this together? No, because he does not care about our people. The same way he didn't address police brutality and the Black Lives Matter protests at its peak. In the middle of the worst health crisis the world has seen in over 100 years, Trump backed out of the world health organization. Why? So he can have power over his people and make decisions on his own with his incompetent White House staff. The presidency has been turned into a joke by Donald Trump. Even Barack Obama said this. The office of President of the United States of America is not something to take as a joke.

Telling an immigrant congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, to "go back where you belong" is right there dismissing the freedom of the American dream just because of a disagreement. That's also racist, and ignites white supremacist groups to act the way they do, because our President expresses hate speech himself. The inhumane act of signing a law into place where children are placed in cages away from their families all alone is another thing to add onto the failures of the free world. When Trump criticizes those who kneel for the national anthem, he is criticizing their right to free speech, as people who feel betrayed by their country and are trying to make their voices heard in a peaceful manner. That was a lot better than the riots and looting wasn't it? Trying to abolish the USPS just so he can mess with the election and mail-in voting is an early sign of a dictator trying to control the election. Something that is a flaw in our system and should be changed.

"It is what it is". That was Donald Trump's response to American people dying of the coronavirus, which he initially thought was a hoax by the democrats. The pandemic and crippling economy are nothing to blame on Trump. We can be fair with that. But we should never define our leaders by the mistakes that happen to them, rather how they fix those mistakes and make our nation better. How did that turn out? Well, the leader of a nation would care about its people right? Not Trump. He threatened to not send thousands of ventilators to the state of Michigan because their governor never "thanked him" or seemed "appreciative" of him. That was a manner of life or death. That's a general taking away the machine guns of Allied forces being chased down by Nazi troops loaded with heavy artillery, and leaving them to die. For his own personal selfishness, he really did not care to let thousands of Americans die during the 2020 pandemic. Let that sink in. Is that someone you want as your President? What if you were one of those people and he decided to not send ventilators? That could make a case in court for murder. Doctors face criticism over what if's so why can't he? He told the elders they needed to sacrifice themselves for their younger generation. He meant them dying from the coronavirus just to keep the economy afloat.

There are other alternatives. Kids used to look up to their President in the old days and admire him. There is nothjng to admire about Trump today. What are we teaching our children when a man who says "grab em by the pussy" is the face of our country? Do you want your kid saying that? Or that "they could shoot somebody in the middle of Times Square" and still get away with it? Besides leading the country in government and military, the President also has an obligation to be the moral leader of our country. We learn this when we take US Government in high school. If your child got caught saying the things Trump says at school, they would be punished, or suspended. Does that just not apply to Trump with all he says? So he gets a free pass? People have gotten fired from their jobs for saying remarks half as bad as Trump. People are in jail for only a fraction of all the things Trump has done. He does a very good job at covering that up.

It's not just this year Trump has failed Americans. He also took the right away of natural born citizens to serve in the military if they were transgender. Racist and wrong to deny them that right when they are willing to give their lives to this country. Something Trump would never do, nor understand. The United States of America has lost respect from countries around the world, thanks to Donald Trump, who can't even recall events from US history, confusing them worse than a high school student would. He did this on his July 4th speech in 2019, confusing battles from the Revolutionary War (in which he said we took over the airports) and the War of 1812. He does not care to know our nation's history. He does care about his ratings and how many people are watching over the generak interest of the public. Besides that, he disrespects the American people in endless ways. But we are to show respect to him as well? That's weak.

November 3rd, 2020, everything can change. The country can elect Joe Biden, a good man, and a person with great experience who can lead our nation united into the future. And no, he is not a socialist at all as Trump tries to claim and make you believe with his fake news. In fact, socialists complain Biden isn't "socialist enough". Good, a balance of everything is key. Voting again for Donald Trump means you don't mind this country being torn apart, that you don't mind corruption in the highest form of government. 215 criminal indictments from Trump's administration. The next most in US history is 76, from Richard Nixon, but it is still not even close. Trump's administration is the most corrupt in the history of our nation. Factual. He was impeached, but not removed from office because of the shallowness that has become Washington DC with Republican senators loyal to Trump who didn't allow that to happen. Trump even retweeted a video of him winning every election in the history of our nation. Is that not scary?

Voting for Trump means you disrespect women, disabled people, immigrants, and the list goes on. Trump has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, except they quiet down in the blink of an eye, when they are payed millions by Trump to stay quiet. An abuse of his power and money. He has publicly made fun of people with disabilities, mocking them without compassion or empathy, which he lacks in its totality. He has made racist remarks towards people of all kinds (Native Americans, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, etc). Voting for him also means you are a bystander and let the bully keep on bullying. Trump bashes American society through its people, cities, and sports leagues, which have been a staple of American society for decades, and have been rich in our nation's history, just because the players want to kneel for the flag and call for justice when they genuinely feel abandoned by their country. We cannot continue to sit around and let the bully take control of our beautiful nation and democracy to his mercy and power. Except Trump is not a bully, he is so much more dangerous.

Right now, he is the greatest threat to our nation's democracy. The two words from the Greek language which make up democracy, "demos" (people), and "kratos" (rule) just don't seem to be so true anymore. How can the people rule when their voices are being pigeonholed away and shut out. What Trump wants to do, it can be stopped. The American people are stronger than that. And anybody who is a bystander to Trump, supports, or votes for him lacks complete character on their part. Voting for him for tax cuts and a better economy? That means nothing when your rights are taken away and you live in a country with a narcissistic dictator-like ruler who cares nothing about his people, and only about his power and maintaining it. MAGA is a cult. We cannot allow somebody as morally corrupt as Trump to continue to lead our country. There have been many dark chapters in American history, and right now, we are all living in another one of them with Donald Trump as our President.

Vice President Mike Pence applauded white supremacists who killed 2 men peacefully protesting for "keeping order on the streets" as per Pence. He then went on to state we "need more people like this in our country". Inciting white supremacists, racism, and violence? Don't let Trump fool you when he says that will be Biden's America. No, that is his America. Are these the people you want running the country? They are not to be trusted. And we know from history what the outcome is of an untrusted leader being in power. It's ugly. So once again, anybody who follows Trump for any way, has no character and does not deserve to call themselves an "American" as everything this man stands for is against any American values and ideals. Forget tax cuts and trade deals. There are greater things at stake right now.

This isn't an election to vote based on party, economics, or personal interests. This is an election to restore democracy and society in America and bring our people together. Because together, we can change the future and have the best country in the world, and ironically, make America great again and say goodbye to Donald Trump once and for all. Look back at the last few months and examine everything Joe Biden has said to try and bring this nation together. Compared to Trump who has done nothing to heal this wounded nation, that is a true leader. A man who has had one of his sons serve in the military fighting for this country knows what it is to embody American values and ideals and be a good human being. A man who has fulfilled the American dream on his own and learned from his mistakes and built upon that, because nobody is perfect, but how we improve ourselves over time and be better is what counts. This is the biggest election in our nation's history. We are not choosing between two candidates or two political parties. We are choosing between a morally corrupt man who will tear this country apart, and a great man who defines American ideals and will lift this country up again, with all of us Americans, together.

BIDEN 2020

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