Tropical Smoothie Cafe Is Turning Heads
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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Is Turning Heads

and for the right reasons

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Is Turning Heads

A new trend is blossoming. Tropical Smoothie Café just opened in Owings Mills and is nothing short of great.

The café is right in front of Stevenson University and is the new trend for young students. They are open Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. With over 20 different smoothie options and various wraps and sandwiches, Tropical Smoothie Café is not one to disappoint. They have a different smoothie for everyone and they stand true to their “eat better, feel better” motto. with many different options of fruit and nutritious ingredients.

All the customers were welcomed upon entering the café and they were greeted with a smile by the employees. The atmosphere was light and airy with the help of white and green colors throughout the café and the workers were efficient, but not sloppy with the orders.

However, the seating was the only thing to gripe about. The cafe is already a fairly small space. They have a seating bar where they make the food and a couple tables. So needless to say many customers took their food to go. However, for a café that is more likely than not to get more attention in the hot summer, this is not a huge ordeal.

The café definitely targets a younger crowd with their trendy health food options and natural ingredients, which makes sense because they are priced on the cheap side. Their price range starts around 1 or 2 dollars for chips and then goes up to 10 or 11 dollars for a whole meal that consists of a smoothie, some type of sandwich, wrap, or flatbread, and a side of chips. They do sell the sandwiches separate, which range from 5 to 6 dollars. They also sell the smoothies separate for 5 to 6 dollars. The menu is limited in the sense they mostly have smoothies, sandwiches, or chips, but the variety in these categories is overwhelming.

Their menu consists of wraps, bowls, flatbreads, sandwiches, breakfast, kids foods, sides, and smoothies. They have many types of smoothies including classic, superfoods, and kids and let’s not forget their supplements, which consist of different vitamins and proteins, and add-ins.

Even though the menu is only limited categories, it is overwhelming. The blueberry bliss smoothie and chipotle chicken flatbread meal combo was excellent. The smoothie comes in a 24 oz. cup so there is left over for sure, while the flatbread is portioned a little smaller. The smoothie was thick, creamy, and tasted like real fruit was added, not fillers. The chicken stood the test as well. It was soft flatbread with the perfect flavor of sauce, chicken, and lettuce. The only negative- the sauce dripped, a lot. Now, this was not some five star fancy restaurant, but for a sandwich café, the taste outdid itself.

So, was it worth it to spend ten dollars for lunch money on Tropical Smoothie Café? Yes, the flatbread can be messy with the sauce and there is not a lot of seating, but the meal was satisfying, a 8/10 rating overall.

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