One of my favorite rabbit holes to fall down in Pinterest is the many gorgeous hair tutorials and photos. Although I'd like to think I'm pretty good at doing my own hair, these are on a whole new level that I can only dream of achieving.

1. Triple Braid Combo

This is a hairstyle worthy of royalty. It seems simple enough in the beginning- make three braids, easy. But somehow I feel like me wrapping those three braids together will definitely not result in that last image, but instead endless knots and disappointment.

2. Twisted Crown Braid

This is so pretty and looks effortless. I just get lost. So I braid part of my hair and pin it where? And then I wrap it back around?

3. Mermaid Braid

Even though I would love to look like a mermaid, this style has a lot of necessary skills. First, you assume I am about to put the effort into curling my hair only to put it back in a braid. Next, I have to tuck it into a braid? At this point, I'm just going to leave my hair down.

4. Bun with Braid Underneath

This is chic and pretty, but I have a hard enough doing a braid right-side up, so thanks but no thanks Pinterest.

5. Braided Flower Crown

This woman looks like a fairy with these three hair flowers at the back of her head. But my question is how perfectly do you have to pancake these braids to make them look like roses instead of random lumps of hair?

6. Bohemian Side Braid

The perfect hair for a date or night out, but there's no way this was made by human hands (or at least amateur hands like mine).

7. Fishtail Wrap-Around Updo

It looks flawlessly chic, but if you think I could possibly make a fishtail that goes all the way around my head you are wrong.

8. Half-Up Double Braid 'Do

Between the color of this woman's hair and her long, multi-braided hair, this look is gorgeous. It's just something about successfully making two different types of braids in the back of my hair where I can't see them that I find a little unrealistic.

9. Braid in the Front, Messy Bun in the Back

This look is formal and simply gorgeous, which means it definitely took a lot of work. My guess would be a lot of bobby pins and curling your hair to get it to stick in the bun like that. Between that and the braid, I think I'll leave this one to the professionals.

10. Flowered Half-Up Space Buns

This is a perfect spring look with the floral accessories and colored hair. However, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to make space buns that turn into braids.