I didn't count on my dad to be on time for anything. I counted on him to show up.

He was late for so many things and I just learned to expect it from him, but he always showed up. I can remember multiple occasions when I had choir performances: I would already be on stage, and I would see my dad quietly sneak in and sit in the back still dressed from working that day. I know he was pretty self-conscious about not being able to shower first, but he never let that stop him from hearing me sing, or any of us sing. He himself was not gifted in the singing department, but he just thought that us kids had the most beautiful voices.

I knew my daddy was extremely proud of all of us and everything we had accomplished. So many people have told me how much he talked about and bragged about all of us. I know we were very special to him, and he was special to us.

There were times when he made sure I always had money for my lunches out with friends, even if it meant he had to work a little harder or work a little later to make it happen.

He often would go without just so that we could have something we expressed to him that we wanted. I can remember days when he would come back from Burger King or Subway or McDonald's or literally wherever with food for all of us but himself.

He truly would go without just so that we wouldn't have to.

That's who my dad was. A pure soul.

He loved his whole family very much, and he never stopped showing us just how much. He made sure that those he cared about were doing okay, and he never stopped checking in on people. He was always there to help in whatever ways he could.

I never had to worry about not being able to open a jar or bottle because this man was strong enough to open them all. I'm still not sure what my sisters are going to do when they see a bug in the house now. He was the only one man enough to tend to business when it came to killing critters. He would always ask me what I was gonna do if I ever lived by myself and didn't have him around to kill a bug for me.

I would tell him that I'd just have to call him and wait until he came, to which he responded to with a chuckle.

I can say that I will miss hearing him laugh, I'll miss hearing him talk, I'll miss having him there to hug, I'll miss having him, period.

My daddy was definitely a lifeline for me and one of my biggest supporters. I'll never stop missing him.

Here's the thing about my dad though: He may have been late to a lot of things, but I know for him he always believed that everything happened at the right time, just like it was supposed to. He showed up on his time, and for him, his time was always the right time. Even if other people didn't feel that way.

He would always tell me everything is going to happen just when it's supposed to, And I really want to believe him.