2017 has definitely been... something. Over the course of this very strange year, there have been trends that have come and gone, yet some stuck around. I think we can all agree that these trends could probably be left in 2017.

Here are 7 trends that we should all be able to agree should not follow us into 2017.

1. Wavy eyebrows

I'm not even completely sure if this is a trend or not, but please stop. Can you even wear it out of the house?

2. Self-depreciation

Please love yourself so we can have something in common. Also, counseling might be a better way to actually cope.

3. Not taking time for ourselves

You're important. We all need to take a break sometimes, even when we don't feel like we need it. Don't be too hard on yourself.

4. Remaking movies that didn't need a remake

Stop it. "Jumanji" did not need a remake and you know it.

5. Not blending makeup out

Everyone can see exactly where you put your contour. Stop it.

6. Applying makeup with things that are not made to apply makeup

You know what I'm talking about and it needs to stop. Brushes and sponges exist for a reason.

7. Not being able to find basic style pieces for a reasonable price

I don't want to buy a low-cut backless sweater with a bunch of roses sewn on. Just a sweater. And that does not mean that the basic sweater should be $30. Do better, stores.