Treatment of drug addiction
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Treatment of drug addiction

Drug addiction is a dependence on chemical substances (which may be even natural) that affect the central nervous system, as well as the correct performance of brain functions.

Treatment of drug addiction

Drug addiction is a dependence on chemical substances (which may be even natural) that affect the central nervous system, as well as the correct performance of brain functions. It produces effects in the perception, the judgment and the emotions, so that they produce alterations in the behavior while it is under the effects of these substances called drugs.

A person becomes a drug addict when he happens to need these substances for his day to day or in a habitual way, feeling unable to function normally in his activities without them. This is usually an unequivocal sign that you are a victim of this disease.

What brings us to drugs?

The first thing is curiosity and the approach that if others do it, I do it too. They feel that they break the rules and that they are different. Then, if the state they are in when they begin to try them is not traumatic, they continue to do so.

There is no clear pattern of why we continue to consume them and if we ask the young people, their answers may sound like excuses for an adult but they are for them, pains, disenchantment or real fears.

How to recognize a person suffering from drug addiction

Here are some indications to recognize a person addicted to drugs, both adult and adolescent:

  • Sudden mood swings, including personality, feeling angry without apparent cause.
  • In adolescents, drop in school performance or dropping out of school, in adults, at work.
  • Disinterest for what used to be favorite activities or hobbies.
  • Change of group of friends.
  • Conflicts and discussions in the family become more acute.
  • Red eyes.
  • Mental dispersion, lack of attention.
  • Excessive laughter and no sense.
  • Abandonment of hygiene habits.
  • Things of value disappear at home.

How can drugs be left?

Practically, only those people who are social consumers, in whom drug addiction has not been established as a disease, are able to stop using it without proper treatment.

Leaving drugs is much more than stopping consumption. We must begin by assuming that it is a SERIOUS, CHRONIC illness that can be MORTAL and that needs to be treated as such.

It is necessary a specialized medical and psychological accompaniment, group therapies and a change of habits and completes life on the part of the patient. In addition to all this we must bear in mind that the recovery of some consequences of drugs, such as brain functions requires a long time (2 to 5 years)

The drug treatment programs in Phoenix Arizona, that offer better results for addicts are those that are made in the initial admission regime with a subsequent intensive follow-up that accompanies the patient to reintegrate slowly and progressively into society.

The treatment of drug addiction

The treatment of drug addiction should be directed to different aspects that are affected by the drug. The medication helps restore the chemical functions of the brain that degenerate into the dreaded withdrawal syndrome, helping to alleviate it.

The psychological support facilitates the treatment of drug addiction helping to overcome the dependence with behavioral therapies, group therapies or motivation groups, family work, etc. There is not a single effective treatment for everyone; also, depending on the substance that is being consumed, the medication or psycho-emotional support will weigh more.

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