It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year...if you're not a retail worker.

For people working in retail it can be the most difficult period to work in.

Everyone is in a hurry to get the best deals, and to get dinner ready with the family. However often times that comes at a price.

We tend to snap at the retail workers who are only there to try to help us out. Often times it's not their fault that prices or deals don't come up right or changes are made beyond their control.

We have to remember that they are people just like us, who, like us, also have families.

They are mothers, fathers, grandparents and, oftentimes, like our own children and no one would want you to speak ill to them or of them. And like us they also have other issues affecting them going into the holiday season. It doesn't hurt to remember that they are human and sometimes things don't go as planned.

Approaching a retail worker with a rude or demeaning attitude isn't going to get you anywhere. Approach them as you would want to be approached.

If you don't want someone to come up to you with a certain tone then don't do it to them. And if they don't give you the answer you want just calmly and kindly say "That's OK." And re-assure them.

Being kind to others does wonders and can affect them better than being rude. Being rude only causes them to circle back to what either they did wrong, or what they could have done better. Sometimes your tone makes them think they're worthless and there's no point in changing.

Even if you're trying to get your child a new toy, being kind will generally get you farther than being rude ever will.