10 Ways To treat A Sunburn

10 Ways To Treat A Sunburn After A Long Day In The Sun

With Spring Break here, we're all going to need some tips.


Sunburns are the worst and knowing how to prevent and treat one is beneficial when it comes down to it. Everyone's skin is sensitive to the sun and nobody wants to have a sunspot or wrinkled skin when they get older.

Follow these 10 steps and your skin will be feeling brand new.

1. Always, always, always use sunscreen.

Use it! Even if you think you "don't burn" trust me, we all do and it's painful.

2. Cover up your face.

There is nothing worse than a sunburned face and it's the most sensitive skin.

3. Don't forget to reapply!

Most people get burned because they forget to reapply sunscreen after a certain period of time or getting in water.

4. Use aloe even if you're not burnt.

Aloe is so moisturizing, any skin that is exposed to the sun can and will benefit.

5. Avoid hot showers.

Hot showers are the worst, and they make the burn ten times more painful.

6. If you are burned, avoid the sun.

This should be obvious, but you never know. Umbrellas are your new best friend

7. Moisturize!

Lotion, lotion, lotion! Keep your skin hydrated and it will help prevent peeling.

8. Stay hydrated!

This helps the skin tremendously!

9. If you are peeling, Do. Not. Touch. It.

This is exactly how you make it so much worse. Its hard to leave it alone, but try your best.

10. You can always take a pain reliever to help the pain.

Sunburns hurt, and sometimes we need something to take the pain away.

We have all been sunburned before and we all need to make sure we take care of our skin the right way!

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