12 Steps For A Successful 4-Day Road Trip To College Through 3 Time Zones With 1 Very Happy Pupper

12 Steps For A Successful 4-Day Road Trip To College Through 3 Time Zones With 1 Very Happy Pupper

Try something new, make a bucket list, live a little, check something off your bucket list, and then thank me later.


As we all know school is upon us. Some of us may be a little more prepared compared to others. I'm in the not so prepared, totally stressed out, in complete panic mode category. But luckily, I decided to go to school across the country and also decided to road trip back for my junior year. Here are a few things I'm glad I had/did while journeying across the country.

1. A plan/route

Let's be serious, if I didn't know where I was going things would've ended very badly.

2. An aux cord/Bluetooth

Listening to just the radio gets really boring AND half the time there's no station available to even listen to.

3. A few kickass playlists

Yes a few. One is not enough when you drive 15+ hours for multiple days, you're gonna want to switch back and forth between a couple.

4. My dog

Yeah it made it a little more difficult because she had to stop more often than I did, and she kept pressing all of the buttons in the car. I'm still glad that she got to experience it all with me, even if she was a little annoying.

5. Taking scenic pictures

I know it sounds stupid but driving cross country really makes you realize how beautiful the world really is and I feel like we forget that and take advantage of it when we experience the same view for weeks, months, and years.

6. Cleaning my windshield off when we stopped

This might sound like a no-brainer but the number of bugs that committed suicide on my window was ridiculous and really made it hard to see. Plus, when I didn't clean the windshield it really ruined my photos.

7. Snacks

Another no-brainer, I know, but snacks are SO important so they have to be on the list.

8. A pillow and blanket

This was mainly beneficial for my dog cause she got to sleep very comfortably in the car. But when we stopped for the night it was nice to have a little bit of home with me.

9. Friends who will keep you company

I can't tell you how many times I was on the phone or on FaceTime with one of my friends. Since I only had my dog, who unfortunately doesn't talk back, my human friends really kept me sane.

10. Taking LOADS of pictures/videos of my dog

Just like every other normal pet owner, I take a lot of pictures of my dog. But this road trip took "a lot" to an entirely new level. She was just so cute, I couldn't help it.

11. Taking pictures of (almost) every “Welcome to ….” sign

I didn't actually start doing this for myself since this was my fourth time driving cross country, but my other mother told me she wanted to see all of them, so she would know where I had been! Which as I was taking the photos I realized it would be really cool to remember them.

12. An awesome support system not only back home and waiting for me at my destination but also joining me

I was glad my parents decided to drive cross country with me. We got to spend a lot of much-needed family time together. When you're driving alone for that amount of time you really start to realize the more important things in life. Although I knew I was lucky with the parents I was blessed with I really realized how good I got it during this trip.

I suggest that everyone travels at some point in their life. Whether you travel for fun with no real purpose or destination, for work, or for school, go out and experience life! It's really a great time to figure out who you are as a person and what truly matters to you.

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Reasons To Fall In Love With Greenville, South Carolina

A place that offers all the conveniences of a big city with the feeling of a small southern town

Greenville, South Carolina is a growing city that is constantly making the news for its livability and uniqueness. It's a place that offers all the conveniences of a big city with the feeling of a small southern town. I'm proud to call this place my home and if you haven't fallen in love with the city as much as I have here are 5 reasons why you should love Greenville too.

1. Culture and art

Greenville is a canvas that has been filled with international and local art. If you take a walk down Mainstreet you will find yourself in awe of all the extravagant sculptures, fountains, and paintings. Greenville is home to a number of cultural museums and fine art galleries along with theaters for performing arts. Music is also a happening scene with talented musicians and street performers sharing their passion with the community.

2. Seasonal festivities

Greenville offers entertainment year round. During winter, Greenville turns into a wonderland. Along with a Christmas Parade, the city opens an outdoor skating rink in the middle of downtown and offers sleigh rides from Santa. You're sure to feel in the Christmas spirit if you visit during holiday season. During Spring, Greenville hosts an art festival and a Greek Festival. Artisphere is a three-day event featuring indoor and outdoor performances and visual arts exhibitions. The Greek Festival offers authentic Greek food and a look into Greek culture and history. During summer, you can look forward to Shakespeare plays in the park, Saturday food markets, and the Red White and Blue Festival for 4th of July. Last but not least, in Autumn you can enjoy the annual Fall for Greenville festival. During this time, cars are blocked off of the street so you can walk around and visit tents that local vendors have set up and get a true taste of all that Greenville has to offer.

3. Dining and shopping

Whether you are looking for an upscale dining experience or just a casual night with your friends, Greenville offers the best experience for either. With fine dining options such as Larkins on the River, The Lazy Goat, and Trappe Door you are guaranteed the best in service and a dining experience worth the money. If you're looking for a more casual eatery, Greenville has a surplus of little southern cafes that you are sure to fall in love with, (Rainers Cafe is my favorite!) Shopping wise, you will find yourself entertained for hours looking in the local shops. You may find yourself in upscale boutiques or in the Mast General store browsing through all of the knick-knacks and the barrels of candy.

4. Family activities

Greenville is a family oriented city. If you're looking for kid friendly activities you won't have to search for long. If your family likes sports you're in luck, as Greenville is home to Greenville Drive, a minor league baseball team. Your kids can play on the playground right beside the field, enjoy an ice-cream while watching the game, and even take pictures with the Mascot, Reedy Rip'it the Frog. You can also enjoy a day at the Greenville Zoo, the Roper Mountain Science Center, or The Children's Museum of the Upstate. All of these places are catered to children but offer fun activities for the family as a whole.

5. Falls park

This is probably Greenville's biggest attraction but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Let's not forget that it's located in the best state! #YEAHTHATGREENVILLE

Cover Image Credit: Fortune Builders

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10 Songs That Were Made For Long Car Rides

The ride home from college shouldn't have t be flipping through every song in your playlist.


As college semesters start coming to a close with the dreaded finals, students will begin to head home for the holidays. If the college kids are anything like me, they have a few hour drive to get to their hometown or wherever they are spending the holidays. Here are ten rocking songs that are sure to make your car rides home feel a little bit faster.

1. "Burn the House Down" - AJR

The trumpets have this nice cruising down the high way feel while sticking your hand out the window (unless it's raining).

2. "My Blood" - Twenty One Pilots

An anthem for you and your friends when you want to lift each other up and know you've always got someone there for you.

3. "Valentine" - 5 Seconds of Summer

Whenever I listen to this song all I can do is bop my head. Their voices are so smooth and the beat just puts a smile on my face.

4. "Kamikaze" - WALK THE MOON

Taking a step in the direction you are most uncomfortable with, but doing so with confidence. This is a great pump up song when heading to anything you are scared to do.

5. "Simple" - Florida Georgia Line

Imagine cruising down the freeway along a river, not a worry in sight. Just enjoying the scenic view.

6. "Breathin" - Ariana Grande

For anyone going through something, it is nice to just have a little "pick-me-up." Just keep breathin'.

7. "Tip Toes" - half alive

A nice little alternative rock song to get your blood pumping.

8. "Why" - NF

Gotta have an angry rap song to scream the lyrics of. If you've got any pent up aggression, which I'm sure you do.


This is that one random song you don't skip, but half way through realize you wish you did, but you some how enjoy the song.

10. "Feel Something" - Jaymes Young

If you're single and getting a little desperate, here's a nice one to just sing all alone to your solemn self in the car.

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