Travel Musing: Part Two
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Travel Musing: Part Two

"Could I Get An Aisle Seat Please"?

Travel Musing: Part Two

Last week I traveled from Scranton Pennsylvania to Denver Colorado and I shared my day of travel. As I recently traveled home I spent another day on airplanes and sitting at Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta International Airport. This is yet another recon of my day.

12:45 PM - Much to my Dismay my mom and I have arrived at Denver International Airport. I have decided that I am not ready to leave her and return home.

1:00 PM - As we grab lunch one of the dogs walks by with a TSA officer. I start to cry as we finish lunch and I start going through security. I ask her to stay until she knows I am all the way through.

1:30 PM- I am finally through security after waiting a long time because it was busy and taking forever. I wave goodbye one last time as I pass through the metal detectors, not once but twice.

2:05 PM - I get to my gate shortly before they start to board the plane. As I sit down to wait for zone 3 they start announcing that they will have to gate check bags because the plane is full and can only hold 55 carry-on bags in the overhead compartments. Luckily I can shove my well loved L.L Bean Backpack under the seat in front of me.

2:45 PM - We are in the air and I have a middle seat this time. I put my headphones on and turn up the volume to drown out the rest of the noise around me.

5:00 PM MST 7:00 PM EST - "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Atlanta where it is 52 degrees and the local time is 7 PM if this is your destination thank you for choosing Delta and enjoy your stay, if you are making a connecting flight please see an agent or check the departure screens have a great night.

7:05 PM - I check with an agent for my next gate because my app is not updating. After about 5 minutes of looking, he finally finds my flight, gives me my gate and tells me how to get to the train.

8:15 PM - The women sitting next to me has just told me she hopes to get bumped off her flight so she can get a free hotel room and flight the next day. As I write this I wonder how that worked out for her?

8:45 PM - I have decided that there isn't much of anything in Concourse D and I just want to get home.

8:50 PM - I walk up to the desk and ask for an aisle seat and a new boarding pass. The nice man working for Delta gives me both and I am thankful for getting a seat near the front of the plane.

9:00 PM - They begin to board my flight and I am just thankful to finally be almost home.

My thoughts : I just want to get home but I miss my mom and wish I was still in Colorado.

9:23 PM -"Flight attendants prepare the cabin for departure, ladies and gentleman we are third in line to take off this evening"

10:45 PM - I learn that the really nice man sitting next to me was on my flight with the cat last week.

11:26 PM - "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Scranton where the Local time is 11:26 and it is 24 degrees outside. Thank you for flying Delta and we hope you choose to fly with us in the future have a great night"

11:30 PM - I meet up with my dad for the first time in a week as I make my way to baggage claim.

1:30 AM - I am finally home and able to sleep in my own bed. I have decided that I really miss Colorado and will miss my mom until I see her again, finding the surprises she put in my suitcase have made me smile.

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