I love to travel. I think all of us we must fly somewhere else every year. Visiting new places is an invaluable experience; we grow up every time we get a flight and discover new places. Also, I know sometimes we do not have the time or the money to travel. We are at the beginning of the year, and we have enough time to plan a trip.

Most of the time when we plan our next trip we think about the most famous destinations such as France, England or Italy. Of course, they are lovely places, but they are not the only ones. Today, I have a suggestion for you: Latin America. We are talking about over twenty beautiful countries full of beautiful places and many different cultures.

Here are my five reasons to travel to Latin America.

1. It is affordable.


Flighting to any country in Latin America is not expensive at all. There are many options and the cost of the flight depends on where you are living. In general, the average plane ticket cost is between $200 to $450. Again, you need to research, to check the best time to travel and what it is the best airport to take off from.

On the trip to Latin America, the costs are going to be more than affordable. Usually, hotels, food, and transportation are cheap in LATAM. There are expensive places, but you can find excellent options. Remember, you can do more with $100 in LATAM than in the US. The dollar is stronger than any of the currency there.

2. It is safe.


I know most of you when thinking of LATAM you only can remember violence, walls, immigrants, and wars. The truth is LATAM is the zone which has grown the most in the last decade. Most of the countries are better today than ten and twenty years ago. Yes, there are countries with some problems, but it is the exception, not the rule.

Before you choose your destination, check what it is the situation. I promise you will find excellent reviews. Tourism is an important part of the economy; then, they take care of the tourists. In any case, you always need to be careful when you go to a new country.

3. The options to have fun are infinite.


Latin America has options for twenty years of traveling. If you like beaches, you have the Caribbean, Atlantic, and the Pacific. You can have snow (Bariloche), forest (Amazonia), desert (Atacama), mountains (the Andes) if you like landscapes. You can also have amazing historical places from ancient cultures (Maya, Inka, and Aztecs), colonial cities (Lima, Bogota, Guatemala), modern cities (Panama, Sao Paulo).

If you like sports, you can attend any event because they have softball, baseball, croquet, tennis, and many major athletic competitions. Architecture, painting, and sculptures are there; the list of great museums is big.
You can plan any trip to Latin America.

4. Food is the best.


I can say that the cheapest restaurant is Latin America is better than any expensive restaurant in the US. The food there is so tasteful and varied, even street foot is fantastic. The best food in LATAM is affordable.

Each country has its traditional food; all of them are unique and amazing. Any country you chose will offer you the best gastronomy.

5. People are amazing.

Agberto Guimaraes

I know you can find great people everywhere, but Latinos are kind, funny and talkative and even if they don't speak English, they will talk with you a lot. They are party people; they love to dance and sing. They will help you and assist you for anything you need. You are going to love them.

Do you see? You can plan more than one trip to Latin America. It is so close and affordable to try. I promise you won't regret it.