How To Make 2020 All About Travel (for cheap)

How To Make 2020 All About Travel (for cheap)

Travelling does not have to break the bank so here's how to make it work for your budget.


If you're anything like me, you want to get out of town. You want to see sights, be a tourist, and immerse yourself in a new land of new cultures. But, if you're anything like me, you don't always have the money to travel. Here's some ways to make travelling cheaper.

Student Organizations


Since I've been in college, I have found that there are so many campus organizations that take students on free or nearly free trips. Most people would probably turn to study abroad through their school and there's nothing wrong with that… except for when it comes to what you're paying for: tuition, processing fees, room and board, and more. With student orgs, travelling is typically highly subsidized, which means you pay less than you would if you were travelling on your own. Plus, you get to meet new people and what's more fun than that?



I've only done Airbnb once and I must admit, it's pretty fun and so much better than a hotel. Unless you're looking at high-end luxury homes, you can usually find an Airbnb that's cheaper than a hotel. Another perk is that they're usually right in the heart of the residential area. So, if you're staying somewhere near a big city or a beach, the residential life can be the perfect way to unwind after a day out.

Research Before

Always, always, always research where you're going. It might seem obvious, but it's important to know the location of the touristy spots that try to charge you crazy prices and the cheap souvenir spots that sell hidden gems for a great price. Researching is also important for safety reasons. In some areas, it's good to know and avoid the densely populated areas.

Drive, Don't Fly


Who doesn't love a long road trip, right? Typically, driving is WAY cheaper than flying. Plus, you get the added bonus of all the sightseeing along the way. Remember, the journey can be just as fun as the destination.

Travel in Groups


When you're splitting costs, it can be so much more affordable. So, invite all your friends and the friends of your friends and you all can enjoy an awesome less expensive trip together. This will beneficial when it comes time to pay for things like where you're staying, travel expenses, and maybe even different attractions you all visit.

Look Into Travel Organizations

EF Ultimate Break

Organizations like EF Ultimate Break work to make travelling very affordable. They offer simple payments plans with no interest and offer you the choice of how you pay. The cool thing about this company is that they have an itinerary set up that takes you to multiple cities/countries in one trip so you don't have to stress about making game plan. And the total cost includes everything you could possibly think of… literally everything from accommodations, flights, a tour director, attractions, and some meals! Also, these trips usually consist of a lot of other people so, again, it's a great way to meet someone new!

Look Into Service Organizations

Why not make your trip a little more meaningful by serving where you're going? There's plenty of organizations to look into that offer free or almost free travel in exchange for your service on different projects. You get to meet new people and do something great for the world while also getting the chance to see new places!

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