Ever since Bruce Jenner decided to become a woman and rename himself Caitlyn Jenner, the population is beginning to get used to the idea of transgenders.

Before Bruce Jenner finally came out with his most dirty little secret, the idea of someone changing the sex of themselves just seemed odd. I have been raised with the idea in my head that I should accept everyone for who he or she is and not raise any questions. I would see episodes on TV about people deciding to endure the long painful journey to change his or her complete identity. Of course I never understood it and that is because I never really took the time to learn about it.

I cannot imagine living everyday and feeling completely uncomfortable with myself. Knowing that there is a surgery that can make myself feel more confident but not even knowing if I could go through with it because of all of the judgments of the world. This is why I think Caitlyn Jenner is one of the strongest people I have read about. First off, it would be incredibly hard just to hide the fact that Bruce wanted to be a woman his whole life and completely hide it from the public with all the cameras always pointing at him.

Once Bruce finally came out the public and told his side of the story, we found a famous public figure to show how to understand transgenders. Like usual, there are going to be people who are completely disgusted by the idea but that is okay. We need people who will raise questions against the idea to fully understand the situation. But, since a large range of people did in fact like Bruce Jenner, it is easier to pursue people’s opinions about the idea of transgender.

I encourage everyone to watch at least part of Caitlyn Jenner’s journey on TV, even if you are completely against the idea of someone wanting to completely change him or herself. You will get the full picture of how much someone goes through mentally not even physically with the surgery. I think if people were to see how much a person goes through, they will be more accepting of the surgery in the long run.

Since Bruce Jenner is famous, he has more power to get the word out there compared to someone who is transgender and is not famous. I think that right now transgender people might be looked at differently, but with time it will become more of a widely accepted idea. Just how more and more people are staying up for gays. Who knows, my future grandchildren might even think it is weird that we did not even accept transgenders because they are so use to the idea. That is why I am more than excited that Bruce Jenner got the courage to finally show the public who he truly is, he is making a change worldwide. It may be hard to accept it at first, but it will hopefully be all okay in the end.