Most students after high school go to community college to save money for two years and finish major prep. Others prepare for their new immersion of vitality at a four-year university. But what if you got the best of both worlds?

Although a freshman applicant, I have junior-level standing at UCLA. How? I completed the first two years of University at my high school. Through a dual enrollment program with my local community college, I completed at least 70 units of college in three years.

There are definitely some drawbacks to getting ahead:

1.If you plan on going to graduate school, you have to start studying NOW

LSAT, MCAT, whatever it is you're taking, studying starts now!

2. You miss out on the freshmen experience

All your classes are with upperclassmen so it's natural to end up befriending them. Your roommates are freshmen who you basically just come "home" to sleep with.

3. You don't have the time to be home-sick or slack off.

This is because you only have two years at uni, so you have to power through--making sure your GPA is the best it could be.

But the pros might outweigh the cons:

1. Oh, the money you've saved!

I've probably saved at least 80,000.

2. You have an edge when applying to jobs, college, scholarships, etc.

Because of everyone views you as an ambitious and determined individual.

3. You start your major right away


For example, I'm a Sociology Major and I'm done with all the weeder classes and prep classes and actually get to go into school learning a topic I love!

Although it sucks that I'll miss out on a couple of things or feel left out once in a while, finishing two years of college before even entering college has saved me so much time and money. It has also taught me the value of learning what you love and how to understand what your capabilities and limitations are.

I'm definitely excited for UCLA and know UCLA will do it best to support me! :)