Celebrating Easter

The day has officially come and gone again this year. That day is EASTER. Some get more excited than others, but for me it's one of my favorite times of year. That being because it's the first time since the New Year that you have an excuse to get your whole family back together and eat some good food.

-AND finally ending Lent. If you even lasted that long (count me out, I'm sorry Jesus).

-Oh, and the resurrection of Christ. Probably the most important part.

Now that I'm older, I sometimes think about why all of the traditions with eggs and bunnies came to exist over the years. It's a bit confusing actually. And slightly scary. Going to the mall to see Santa is one thing, but a Bunny? Not too sure about that one. I don't know about you, but in every picture I've seen of someone sitting on a bunny's lap, the closest thing I see to a smile is the fake bunny. NO kid is comfortable sitting on a giant furry bunny. Here's some proof:

So, with that being said, someone please explain this.

Then we have the Easter egg hunts.

There's no harm in a good Easter egg hunt and opening the eggs to find 5 bucks or some candy, but Easter gets a little dangerous when kids start to get a little out of hand with how seriously they take this hunt. Being the older sibling, I always ended up with double the amount of Easter eggs my brother had, and looking back I feel for the little man. He had no chance. Sometimes the Easter egg hunt outcome is tragic, and the best part is, most of it is probably on tap.

And there's the Easter Eggs.

Now, I've learned to give a lot of credit to the parents who dye Easter eggs with their kids every year, because children and color dye are two things that should never be put together. You end up with more dye on the table than you have on the egg.

Another thing I have to mention about Easter is CHURCH. I can't even tell you how crowded it gets on Easter at church. It's like people get nervous that if they don't go on Easter something bad will happen to them. C'mon, if you don't go to church any other day of the year, why take up all of the seats on Easter Sunday??

Anyways, I hope everyone's Easter was spent visiting family, and sitting back and enjoying a nice slice of ham. I know that's what I did, and before you know it, the sun and the warm weather will finally be present, and we will be enjoying summer.

Actually, it is now the day after Easter and my area of New England looks like a white Christmas. So maybe it won't ever be summer...

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