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7 Things to Look Forward To With The Opening Of Toy Story Land

Shrink down to the size of a toy and get ready to play in Andy's backyard!

7 Things to Look Forward To With The Opening Of Toy Story Land

On June 30, loyal Toy Story fans will be making their way to Orlando, Florida to shrink down to the size of a toy and hang out in Andy's backyard. With giant building blocks and Christmas lights decorating the land, Disney guests will experience what it's like to be a toy in the films. Here are 7 things to look forward to with the opening of Toy Story Land!

1. New 'Toy Story' merchandise

In anticipation of Toy Story Land, Disney has already started to release new Toy Story merchandise. After the Toy Story 3's premiere in 2010, there was naturally a decline in clothes and toys for the film. However, with a new addition to Disney World that is solely dedicated to the franchise, Toy Story goods seem to already have shelf space in Disney stores as well as other shops!

2. Slinky Dog Dash

This all-new roller-coaster is bound to be a hit under the Florida sun. From Slinky's adorable face to the family-friendly thrill of the ride, the Slinky Dog Dash is definitely a highlight of the new land.

3. Alien Swirling Saucers

The second brand new attraction is a ride where you are controlled by the master of the Aliens, The Claw. Aliens will take you around while The Claw moves around over your head.

4. Woody's Lunchbox

Does being a kid again make you hungry? Luckily, there will be a restaurant in the style of the rest of the park. Modeled as Woody's Lunchbox, visitors will get to eat a variety of sandwiches and other treats that will make you nostalgic of your childhood.

5. More tracks for Midway Mania

In addition to the new attractions coming to that park, there will of course be some enhancements made and twists added to the existing ones. Midway Mania, the classic Toy Story themed ride, is making its way to the new land with additional tracks. In its years at Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios, Midway Mania proved its popularity with consistent long lines and wait times. So, Disney has added a third track to the ride, allowing for more guests to experience the fun!

6. Character meet and greets

Of course, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear have always been around for pictures and autographs, but now with the addition of Jessie, they will be available to hang out in their own home!

7. "Sarge Says" with the Green Army Men

Sarge and the Green Army Men will be marching through the park, with sporadic stops to play "Sarge Says" with guests. They will also host some other games with crayons and Pixar balls to add to the fun!

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