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10 Reasons Why the Toy is saved in Toy Boxes?

toy boxes

Who does not know about toys? The pieces of fun and joy we all wanted to buy every time we saw them in a store. What made childhood fun and enjoyable.

The concept of toys dates back from the times of the Cave-men. Their children used to play with a different object that made them happy. And the idea of toys that help children become happy was born. Today, toys are not just for toddlers and kids, but it is now a booming billion-dollar industry. With giants like Lego, Banzai, Barbie and Nerf, the industry is competitive and fast-paced. Innovations in toy manufacturing and designs of toy boxes has become necessary.

Why is packaging required?

Regardless of industry or product, the manufacturer and consumers have a great need for adequate packaging of the product. It is used to protect the items from any harm from outside factors like sunlight, temperature, moisture and any other factors that might ruin the products. The packaging serves to provide a shock-resistant covering to delicate items like electronics, glass item and others.

Mishandling during transit and retailing may also cause damage. To prevent that, and to provide adequate storage facilities, as well as prolonging shelf life, packaging helps in all these tasks. Another critical factor is the role it plays in product differentiation and branding, which helps establish the repute of a company and increase sales.

toy boxes

Toys and packaging

Toys are fun, why shouldn't toy packaging be that too?

If there is anything that packaging helps directly influence, it is sales. And in an $88 billion industry with changing trends and a choosy and volatile customer base, it is essential that all firms bring their A-game to the table. Unlike the products it holds, children's toy boxes are nothing to play around with.


Focusing on why the toy box is used to protect the product, we need to look at why it is suitable for that role:

  • Storage:

    You cannot preserve an item without a proper storing place. The packaging provides the space where the product can be protected from all external factors that might harm it.
  • Material:

    The box is made of durable and shock-resistant material like cardboard, plastic or Kraft paper. This allows it to prevent any sort of damage that might take place during the transport of the item from one place to another. In order to enhance this aspect, producers use a variety of different wrapping materials with different properties. Toy boxes for boys and girls have to be made of durable material to protect their contents.
  • Transport:

    Most manufacturers would agree that the highest chances of damage to any product are when it is being transported. Careless handling and shipping may result in the package falling down. In order to prevent that, the storage box is designed in a way that it is easy to store and handle, e.g. by having durable handles, to help avoid any unfortunate accident that may prove harmful to the product.


  • Carrying:

    It is a toy. It will be eventually land in the hands of a child. Children can be careless with their toys. For a firm, it is essential to make the toy box durable enough to withstand any carelessness from the kids. It has handles, straps and an easy to carry the design to help with that.
  • Shape:

    A toy has a specific way, and it is essential that the container complement that. If not, the toys might not be adequately packaged and either be jostled around too much, or be jammed in too tightly. The box has a shape that allows the item to fit in perfectly.
  • Weight:

    Most toys are lightweight. However, some like Nerf Guns and dollhouses are heavy and need a properly sealed container to prevent the contents from falling down through the box.
  • Cost:

    Another reason why a toy is safe in a box is due to the fact that it provides a cheap and affordable storage facility for the playthings.
  • Nontoxic:

    A storage box keeps the product safe from any sort of contamination. When it comes to children, we need the best protection available, and a proper box will ensure that the items stay clean and safe.
  • Customization:

personalized toy boxes and shape specific storage containers are needed to provide additional safety to delicate parts of the product. For example, playing items that need to be assembled have specially designed, compartmentalized packaging, to protect the individual components.

toy box packaging

Therefore, we can quickly see how big custom toy boxes are in respect to the safety of the items in them, and that is why manufacturers make efforts to master this aspect of product design and presentation completely.

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