15 Heartbreaking TV And Movie Deaths
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The 15 Most Heartbreaking TV And Movie Deaths That Almost Killed Us, Too

Who's cutting onions in here??

The 15 Most Heartbreaking TV And Movie Deaths That Almost Killed Us, Too

I admit that I'm the dictionary definition of a true softie. When people raise their voice at me, involuntary tears automatically form in the corners of my eyes. When I stub my little pinky toe on the edge of the coffee table, I want to wail out in agonizing pain. If my friends go through emotional and rough breakups, my empathy causes me to feel even more hurt than they do.

But nothing compares to the misery, shock, and heartbreak of watching one of your favorite fictional characters die. You're emotionally invested in a movie or television series, and all of a sudden, you're painstakingly witnessing your not-even-real best friend's eyes glaze over from a traumatic death. You convince yourself that what you just saw wasn't real, but the pain just can't seem to leave your heart.

We've all experienced that heartbreak. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your tissues and get ready to cry all over again, because I'm about to remind you of the most grievous scenes to hit your laptop screen. Here are 15 TV and movie deaths that make you feel as though a little piece of you died, too.

1. Ellie in "Up"


Ellie was probably in the movie for less than five minutes, but we loved her all the same. Carl misses you, girly.

2. Keith in "One Tree Hill"


No, Uncle Keith. The pain never goes away. I think I cried for days after watching this episode.

3. Bambi's mom in "Bambi"


This is the first death almost every young child has witnessed. My life was never the same after this movie.

4. Stefan in "The Vampire Diaries"


He saved Mystic Falls like a true hero. Elena rejected Stef, but I wish he would have chosen me before he died. :/

5. Bing Bong in "Inside Out"


You won't disappear from my memories, Bing Bong. I promise I'm not crying...

6. Dumbledore in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"


No one's beard will ever be as flawless as Dumbledore's. You will be missed.

7. Mufasa in "The Lion King"


I STILL can't believe Scar did that. Long live the king.

8. Augustus in "The Fault in Our Stars"


But it's NOT "okay," Gus. We were so focused on Hazel's sickness that we didn't expect you to croak. Ugh.

9. Ray in "The Princess and the Frog"


When he went to join his true love in the sky...oh my GOD...

10. Ricky in "Boyz n the Hood"


RICKY!! Who didn't cry when Ricky was shot and killed... only to be discovered that he scored high enough on the SAT to enter college? Ouch.

11. Jack in "Titanic"


I STILL say Rose could have pushed over on that raft. A wasted life!

12. Bubba in "Forrest Gump"


I know he's making some delicious shrimp in Heaven. Rest in peace, sweet prince.

13. Derek Sheperd in "Grey's Anatomy"


Oh, Derek. Heaven got a little dreamier...

14. Marley in "Marley & Me"


If you didn't cry during this movie, you have a heart made of stone. RIP to the world's GOODEST pup.

15. Kenny in "South Park"


If only all of the other deaths were like Kenny's. No matter how gruesome he managed to die in each episode, Kenny always came back alive and well in the next show. Long live Kenny!

Although these deaths were heartbreaking and left us with our eyes watery and jaws dropped, these characters will always live on in our hearts. We WILL recover from these losses...

...except for Mufasa. I will always mourn Mufasa.

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