I am one of the 361,000 people who binge-watched all of “Stranger Things” season 2 in 24 hours. I re-watched season one while I anxiously awaited the release of season 2. At 2 AM central time, I was finally able to click play on season two episode one and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

From unique new characters to new developments with old characters, my eyes were glued to the screen from start to finish. In my opinion, season two was even better than season one. I didn’t think it would be possible for the second season to top season one but it definitely did!

So grab some Eggos and enjoy my top 11 favorite things from “Stranger Things” season two:

1. Mrs. Wheeler's large glasses of wine

If you notice in the scene where Mrs. Wheeler is on the phone, or when they are having dinner, or literally any scene with Mrs. Wheeler, she has a rather large glass of white wine with her. She may not be the world's greatest mom but watching her down a glass of wine is #relatable.

2. Hopper and Eleven’s relationship

Honestly, this was my favorite thing about the whole season. Their relationship made me so freaking happy. Eleven deserves a dad and Hopper deserves a daughter. They deserve each other!! Seeing that birth certificate at the end that said "Jane Hopper" made me cry.

3. The 80s music

So I wasn’t alive during the 80s but I love the movies and the music that came from that decade. The classic 80s tunes were present in season one and I’m glad the season two soundtrack included some of my favorite songs.

4. Eleven’s punk look

Honestly, I love anything Eleven does but her punk look was definitely bitchin’.

5. Max and Lucas

I love Lucas and I’m so glad he has a love interest on the show! He deserves it.

6. The moms taking a million pics of their kids

I was cracking up every time the moms were snapping Polaroids of the kids in their Halloween costumes and in their snowball outfits!

7. Nancy and Jonathan

I LOVE THEM TOGETHER (I never shipped Nancy and Steve.) I was shocked when Nancy ended back together with Steve in the last episode of season one. So when Nancy opened up the door and Jonathan was standing there when they were in the basement of that weird guy’s house I was SO happy. Oh, and they are together IRL so that makes their on-screen relationship even cuter.

8. Dustin and Steve’s bromance

So I didn’t like Steve and Nancy together but they way Steve takes Dustin under his wing is so freaking adorable.

9. Steve the babysitter

Watching Steve take on the role of babysitter for the kids was so heartwarming. The way he protected the kids in the upside down tunnels made me actually like Steve.

10. Actually getting to see Will Byers in every episode

Poor Will. Hopefully, he catches a break in season three. Even though he was in pain for a lot of the season I was still really happy that he was in every episode and we actually got to learn a little bit about him in the present instead of in a flashback.

11. The Mike and Eleven reunion

I waited the whole damn season to see this!!! As soon as her converse stepped through that doorframe I lost it. I thought they were going to reunite in the school during episode three, but sadly there was no Mileven reunion until episode eight/the beginning of nine. I was mad at first that the Duffer brothers made me wait so long to see them reunite but seeing that smile on Mike’s face and how happy Eleven looks when she finally gets to hug Mike made the wait worth it.

It was really hard to pick only 11 of my favorite moments. Trust me, I had like a million favorite moments from season two. I have watched it all the way through numerous times since it was released. Hey Duffer bros, anyway you can make season three really quick and release it next month? K thanks.