Top Ten List Of Top Ten Top Ten Lists
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Top Ten List Of Top Ten Top Ten Lists

You're already really confused aren't you? Well just you wait.

Top Ten List Of Top Ten Top Ten Lists

There are two types of people in this world. Those who like top ten lists and those who really like top ten lists so they come up with their own top ten list of top ten lists.Then there are people like me who love them so much more than those pathetic wannabes. So I've compiled a list of my top ten top ten lists about top ten lists. So here we go.

10. The American Film Institute’s top ten top ten genres list.

I love movies so you’d think I would like a good top ten top ten list about movie right? Wrong. All the movies on this list are old. Some of them are even in black and white. Like "To Kill A Mocking Bird". If that movie was made today PETA would be all over their A*s's. Don’t they know Mocking Birds are an endangered species? It's exploitative white men who need to put their privilege in check. Shame on you AFI.

9. The Ten Best Top-Ten Lists by Tai Moses

Who is Tai Moses, I don’t know and frankly I don’t care, but her list came up on top of the google search results when I typed in “top ten top ten lists.” So I figured I had to throw this list on. None of the lists on her list have anything to do with each other. There’s one list about “words” another about "birds" and then she has a list about "lists." Don’t think too much about it, it will make your head hurt.

8. The Lists of top ten.

Okay, so this one isn’t just one top ten lists about top ten lists, it's an entire website called "Top Tens" dedicated to top ten lists. All 83,330 of them. They claim they have a list for “everything under (and including) the Sun,” but ironically enough they do not have a top ten top list of top ten lists. Or in my case a top ten top ten top ten list. So do you want to sue them for false advertising or should I?

7. A Top Ten List of David Letterman’s Top Ten list.

Do you remember who David Letterman was? Yup neither do I but apparently he was the king of Top ten lists cause there’s a list of his top ten lists. He has old people read off top ten lists like Snoop Dog (whom I’m told also goes by Snoop Lion), Jim Carry, and the beach boys who aren’t actually boys at all, they’re really old men, so who wants to sue them for… just kidding they won’t be alive long enough for you to collect your money.

6. The New York Times’s The Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2013.

#TBT to this little gem. It was written by a “journalist” who just really liked top ten lists. It was 2013 give him a break, they were popular. The incredibly prestigious New York Times (winner of117 Pulitzer Prizes) published this list which includes “10 Greatest Farts in Live TV History,” and “10 Best Cassettes of 2013.” 2013 was a long time ago, but it wasn’t that long ago that people were using cassettes, unless you’re a hipster in which case nobody likes you.

5. Jacksfilms Top Ten Top Ten Lists

You know that awkward older brother that thinks he’s funny but really isn’t yeah, that’s Jacksfilms. Side note I’m allowed to make fun of awkward older brother because I am one but you can’t because you’re not. Somehow this guy has made a name for himself by making up words. Also stop making fun of Iggy Azziggy only Allah can judge her.

4. Facebooks Top Ten top ten lists of the year

Not much to make fun of here except the fact that Donald Trump was #2 on a list of politicians, Donald Trump more like Ronald Rump am I right… Tell me I’m right Jacksfilms… TELL ME I'M RIGHT!! No, but the best part of this list is that their top ten list only includes nine lists. This is how you know the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

3. 10 Reasons I Hate Top Ten Lists

Haters gonna hate. I love that the first reason she states for hating top ten lists is that people make them for attention, which she obviously didn’t do especially by making a pretentiously ironic 10 Reasons I Hate Top Ten Lists. And it’s also a good thing she’s not doing this for attention because she didn’t get any with her meager 33 Facebook likes and one goggle plus share which might be saying something that the one person using google + shared her article, except that no one likes that guy either. Also, she’ll probably get more attention than this piece of garbage will. Also, just so she wouldn't have a top ten list she made 11 points and put #11 at the end of her countdown. How. Creative.

2. The Top Ten Top Ten Lists in Viral Views Ten!

It’s only a great list if people actually read it, that's why my list sucks and I have self-confidence issues because nobody’s going to read this. Anyway, most of the lists on that list are boring except the one about babies and that's because everybody like babies unless you’re Jacksfilms. Don’t be like Jacksfilms.

1. All-Time Top Ten Lists

This is the greatest! The most best! The All Time Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists ever! I have never seen a better more complete list of top ten lists. It’s even suggested in the name of the list! What is it a list of you ask? Books, it’s a list of books. I know I was just as disappointed as you. Nobody reads anymore especially when there are spark notes and everything else other than reading.

Most of those books are movies and everyone knows the movies are always better than the book. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a hipster or Jacksfilms and what have we learned about either of those two? Nobody likes them. Alright, well maybe 2 million people like jacks films and almost every teenager I meet nowadays is hipster of some kind so maybe the only person that nobody likes is me. But I don’t care because I just wasted 10 min of your life unless you’re a slow reader or Jacksfilms, in which case it was probably more like an hour.

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