The Best Podcasts For Young Christian Women
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10 Christian Podcasts To Encourage College-Age Women, Of Faith Or Otherwise

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10 Christian Podcasts To Encourage College-Age Women, Of Faith Or Otherwise

I don't know how much you've dipped into the podcast world, but I have recently become obsessed! There are so many podcasts to choose from on nearly any topic you can imagine. I've found that this is a great way to get some encouragement and hear God's truth while doing something else too. I've been listening during my work hours, but podcasts can be great for car trips, exercise or to fall asleep to.

Here are my favorite Christian podcasts that can give a little lift to college-age women in any season.

1. Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

This is a newer podcast from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Their president is renown Christian author Lysa TerKeurst, who wrote "The Best Yes" and "Uninvited." These books are incredible, and Lysa herself appears on the podcast to do some teaching! This podcast really feels like going to church and having a conversation with your girlfriends all in one. This is definitely one you'll want to listen to and take notes on! This ministry has so many free resources on their website that you should also check out!

2. The Heart Lessons Podcast

This is quite possibly my favorite faith-based podcast. I listened to the Intentionality series and got some wonderful pointers about how to be more intentional in different areas of my life from experts in many different fields. I think Sarah Rieke's voice is so soothing and sweet. The guests she has on the show always have something good to say, and Sarah does a great job of summarizing the main points of their message at the end of her podcast. Sarah is a mom, so if you want to be a mother someday, she can offer a lot of insight into what that could look like.

3. She Proves Faithful

This podcast makes me dream about the future. A lot of the focus is on the household and when you have kids, but Lauren Hlushak does a great job offering truth to younger women as well. A bit of a warning on this one though: Lauren is very right-wing and uses biblical truth in the harshest way. Just a little precursor if you're more liberal. This podcast really shows scripture as-is, which can be refreshing in this crazy world of many interpretations.

4. Crossroads Church

I may be a bit partial to this one as I go to this church a lot of the time when I'm at college, but it's still a great podcast! This is more message-based, as it is a church podcast. Crossroads really does have something for everybody! Their messages are applicable to every season of life. They do many different series and have many different community members and pastors share their stories and opinions to go along with the theme. They also have an amazing app with lots of devotionals, videos and sermons. Check it out here.

5. For The Love! with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Jen Hatmaker is a lovely woman who has so much to say about Jesus and how he has affected her life! This podcast is incredible, just like Jen and her testimony. She is always so insightful and has some really cool guests on the show. There are so many different themes on this podcast, and women (and men!) can find wisdom in all their seasons by listening to the available episodes.

6. Journeywomen

This podcast is not afraid to dive into real issues. The first episode deals with the heavy subject of unforgiveness. This is a topic I didn't even realize I was struggling with until I heard this podcast! Hunter Beless is the host of this life-giving show. There is something for everyone in this podcast, no matter what stage of life they are in. I can't wait to listen to more episodes! The show notes are always posted here so you can go back and reference them again in the future without listening to the whole podcast again (even though you might want to), or even read ahead about the different guests and topics. The teachings are so effective and relatable.

7. The Shauna Niequist Podcast

This incredible author teams up with many different women to hear their stories and opinions about different spiritual difficulties women face today in life. Shauna asks wonderful questions about more than just God and the Bible. We get book recommendations, recipes and more from her guests! She is engaging and life-giving and gives off a genuine vibe (AKA, she's more than just a Christian, she's a human who wants to talk about other things too sometimes!).

8. Elevation With Steven Furtick

Steven is a gifted speaker who preaches mainly to younger folks. At first, his references to pop culture may be a little cringe-worthy, but he does use them in ways that make sense with biblical teachings! Get ready to be taken for an emotional ride when you listen to one of these sermons! Steven is a Baptist preacher, and the church's home base is in North Carolina, but they reach thousands of people weekly across the globe. Check out their website here.

9. Dear Daughters

Susie Davis interviews Christian women and talks with them about how they live godly lives every day. These women include speakers, authors and personal friends of Susie, who is so motivational herself! These are great conversations to listen to with lots of wisdom packed in. Susie's blog and her books have more wonderful lessons for you, too!

10. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs is such an incredible, godly woman. I love how real she is and how much insight she has into different spiritual practices. You always know what you're going to get from a guest, which can be refreshing. She has certain guests to talk about different subjects and practices, such as sabbath and journaling. Annie always ends the show by asking what sounds fun to her guests, which is often inspiring! She also has amazing people on the show like Bob Goff and Sadie Robertson. This is a down-to-earth, practical, truth-based show.

Podcasts can be an amazing way to tap into the knowledge of others without taking as much time as reading their whole book. It's a great way to get a taste for different subjects and to dive deeper into God's word from many different perspectives. You may find one podcast you like, or you may find certain subjects you like that span multiple podcasts. I'd recommend listening to a few episodes of each podcast to really get a feel for it.

Don't forget, podcasts aren't just for Christian wisdom, either. There are all sorts of shows that offer a variety of stories and conversations about different topics. There really is something for everyone. Enjoy!

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