The infamous tale of morality and lessons learned, the “Saw” Franchise, is set to release the next installment later this month on October 27th with the film “Jigsaw”. Often labeled a “torture porn” franchise, the Saw movies never cease to amaze with creative ways that Jigsaw teaches his victims the valuable lessons of life- be it racism or a personal moral conflict. Throughout the years, it’s no surprise that the creators of Saw have needed to come up with new and exciting ways to torture and kill their victims because just a knife or a gun shot just doesn’t do it! In honor of the new release, I have compiled a list of my own personal favorite, most squirm worthy, shocking traps that I just can not look away from.

This is your warning, some descriptions and images may be graphic. Ready to play?

5. Razor Box Trap (Saw II)

The Razor Trap happens to drug addict Addison attempts to reach a syringe at the top of a glass platform. In doing so, she slips her hand through holes in the platform and gets her hands stuck in jagged blades that cut deeper. What makes this punishment so cringey is not only the fact she would not just reach over the platform as opposed to through, but the idea that any which way she moved, her wrists and arms would be cut and ultimately, she could not escape, and is left to stand until she presumably bleeds out. Watching this scene over, I can’t help but skip through the blood and the sounds of the blades closing in. Audio is definitely one of the cringe factors for this task.

4. Shotgun Roulette (Saw VI)

The Shotgun Roulette trap is the product of William, who caused the death of numerous seriously sick people by denying the coverage of their treatment costs, and his fellow associates. denied or prematurely terminated”. In this trap, William must sacrifices his own hands in order to save two of the six associates by applying his own analysis to the. This trap is very well crafted and new, even if it is only a gun, not to mention the symbolism Jigsaw includes of “the blood on William's hands” was a clever little detail that made a sick amount of sense. I will say, however, that it is not the trap itself that makes it hard to watch, but the “roulette” aspect.

3. Horsepower Trap/Garage Trap/Car Trap (Saw 3-D)

This is one of my more memorable mentions in the list due to the complexity of it’s set up. A racist man by the name of Evan wakes up with his back glued to the car seat in a strange garage, and later discovers via the Jigsaw tape that his friends are with him, and also a part of the game: one friend is located behind the car, chained by his arms and jaw to the car’s bumper while also being attached to a pole, his girlfriend is located underneath the car (which we see is elevated), and the third friend is attached to the garage door in front of him. In order to save all three friends, Evan must reach forward to grab the lever on the opposite side of the windshield within thirty seconds. This is all to prove that everyone is the same color inside.

As the timer counts down, he moves forward and starts to tear his skin free of the seat, and the car accelerates faster with every second. SPOILER ALERT: He does, in fact, fail, and the domino effect starts. I found this to be one of the hardest traps to watch because not only does the original victim die, but three others as well, one after another after another. It is also probably the pinnacle of Jigsaws creativity.

2. Knife Chair (Saw IV)

Drug abuser, Cecil Adams, had a personal connection towards Jigsaw mastermind, John Kramer, when he stole medicine from a hospital and accidentally injured Kramer’s wife, Jill Tuck, and caused the her to miscarry their unborn son, Gideon. After small talk and apologies, Kramer places a contraption over Adams’ head, which positioned eight knives over his face, and in order explained it was the contraption that would save his life. While trying to escape, bleeding profusely from his face, the chair collapses. He does escape, however while trying to attack and kill John Kramer, he falls into razor wire and dies. While this trap is not what ultimately kills Cecil Adams, the idea of knives across someone’s face is painful enough as it is, and enough to make someone squirm.

1. 10 Pints of Sacrifice (Saw V)

Above all other traps is this god forsaken one. I can not look at this trap long enough to get the full picture, but I remember it all too vividly for the most gruesome reasons. In this test, victims Mallick, who is being punished for burning down a building for heroin and killing eight people, and Brit, who was also involved in arson, are met with a knife table, and the task of filling beakers with a total of ten pints of blood in fifteen minutes, or be the victims of nail bombs deposited in the room around them. What makes this challenge so unbearable is the way the blood is lost, not by cutting off the arm entirely but by forcing their hands against the blade so it splits right down the middle. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortably wince.

As we near the release of Jigsaw, it leaves viewers wondering what the new mastermind has under his sleeve. Will he be able to top these squirm worthy kills or will he fall flat? We find out on October 27th, when Jigsaw hits theaters.