Top 6 Youtubers For Natural Hair
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Top 6 Youtubers For Natural Hair

These women of Youtube need to be in your natural hair bible.

Top 6 Youtubers For Natural Hair

As an naturalista for almost 5 years, seeing how far the natural hair community has flourished is crazy to me. Being from Nebraska, the "fly over" state, I didn't have much resources on natural hair and how to maintain it. That was when Youtube become my bestie, I found so many natural hair Youtubers of all different curl pattern that gave me inspiration. Since then I'm starting to see more curls and afros in Omaha, I want to spread the knowledge. These are my top 6 natural hair youtubers.

6. Shan BOODY (@shanboody)

Clinical sexologist & author of LAID, Shannon Boodram's channel is mainly about the complicated layers of sexuality but every once and a while she'll drop a gem on curly hair. Known for her big curls, she gives great ideas for the simple curly on the go.

5. Shameless Maya (@mayasworld)

Shameless Maya's channel was originally about hair, make-up, and her #beshameless promotion. Now, she has expanded with tech help, vlogs, and videos over common questions that her boos ask. Maya is known for having a head full of luscious curls but decided to shaved it off for a start of something new. She has been unstoppable ever since.

4. ItsMyRayeRaye (@ItsMyRayeRaye)

Make-up connoisseur and hair guru Raye Royce is everyone's go-to for the best make-up looks. She's for the people because her channel is mostly full of drugstore goodies so it is very affordable. Royce is the best for hairstyles on full Chaka Khan blow-dried hair. (She also has an amazing lip line with Colourpop, I recommend buying both StingRaye and Rayezor. Only $5/$6!)

3. Melshary (@Melshary)

The proud Afro-Latina from Brooklyn, NY, Melshary's channel gives us naturals hope of her mind-blowing hair growth. She is who I go to for product reviews, and her "crap in a bottle" segments give me life. One thing I love about her channel is that she reviews and tests out all type of products for curly, whether the ingredients are good or not.

2. HeyFranHey (@HeyFranHey)

The Bohemian Storm from Harlem, Francheska, channel is all about hair, fitness (mental, physical, and spiritual) and overall wellness. I found out about the oil pulling (another way to clean your teeth) method from her and her DIY from deodorant to hair and skin butters save me so much money. I love her and everything she stands for and her body is #workoutgoals. She is also 1/3 of the podcast The FriendZone and she spreads the word of health there as well.

1. Naptural85 (@Nap85)

One of the first natural hair channels I followed during my hair journey, Whitney White, has been slaying Youtube with her hair tutorials. She helps me perfect my twistouts, which is still a hit or miss, and give me inspiration with other styles like curlformers and crownbraids. What I love about her is that her hair texture is more closer towards mine compared to everyone on the list so seeing her hair growth and simple methods is something I try to follow.

P.S. She also has 2 other channels, one with her adorable family,

and another dedicated towards make-up and style.

To all my fellow naturals, slay on, slay on.

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