As a lover of makeup, I have an extensive collection of tools and products that are suitable for pretty much any look/ occasion. However, there are only a few products that I consider to be absolutely necessary.

Here are my top five makeup essentials.

1. Concealer

Possibly the most important part of my entire makeup collection. Concealer may seem like something small, but this product is really a multifunctional wonder. When used right, not only can it cover up literally any imperfection, but it also makes a great eye and lip primer.

2. Dark Lipstick

This one may seem a little out there, but a dark lipstick can do wonders for an otherwise dull look. If you need something that's both sophisticated and attention-grabbing, a dark lip is the way to go.

3. Black Liner

Black Liner is my signature look, so it's obviously an essential in my makeup bag. That little black pen is much more versatile than most people might think.

4. Mascara

The one makeup item that can transform any look. Even though making your lashes look longer doesn't seem like a big deal, the right mascara can put any look together.

5. Highlighter

Some may not consider highlighter to be an essential, But I find that it adds sparkle, and that factor is super important for me. With different finishes and colors, and with all its versatility, you can never go wrong with a pretty highlight.