15 YouTubers Every College Girl Needs To Subscribe To
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15 YouTubers Every College Girl Needs To Subscribe To ASAP

The internet is an interesting place. Here are the YouTubers you should be following!

15 YouTubers Every College Girl Needs To Subscribe To ASAP

1. Safiya Nygaard

Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together YouTube

Her channel is out of the ordinary but still very entertaining, like the video above, for example, it's a video you didn't know you needed in your life but are glad that it exists because you could not afford to do this. She also tests products and tries things that we didn't even know existed.

2. Okbaby/ Kyra Sivertson

Daughter SUPRISED By Daddy Coming Home (Super Cute) YouTube

This family vlogging channel is absolutely adorable and they will put a smile on your face every day watching their videos! they are just so cute! You can feel the love they all have for each other in the short 10-minute videos they post every day. As well as the mom has her own channel as well that she posts beauty, fashion, mom and cleaning videos.

3. Brooklyn and Bailey

Our DORM ROOM Tour! | Back to School 2018 at College YouTube

These twins are super relatable for most because they just started college and are living their lives as teenagers. They make relatable videos and do funny skits.

4. Aspyn Ovard

A Day in the Life With a NEW PUPPY!!! | Aspyn Ovard YouTube

She is a beauty guru, while there are many out there, she has her own take on being a beauty guru. She makes a lot more creative and different videos.

5. Tess Christine

WEDDING SERIES: Food + Cake Tasting! YouTube

Another type of beauty guru but she is just so funny and relatable. She makes videos that are not just about clothes and makeup. She makes videos about her travels as well as fun videos with her fiance as well as videos having to do with their wedding that is coming up in the future.

6. Alex Centomo


While she is also a type of beauty guru, she tackles a lot of different topics that not that many people are ok with talking about. SHe does fitness videos and fashion based videos but she has a lot of different aspects to her channel.

7. Lauren Riihimaki/ LaurDiy

My Parents Test LaurDIY Products YouTube

I mean who doesn't like a DIY ?? Well, she is the DIY queen.

8. Emma Chamberlin


Just a teenager living her life, who is just like the rest of us!

9. KKandbabyJ/ Keren Swanson

Mom's Reaction To Kids Drawing On The Wall YouTube

The cutest family, living their life and documenting it at the same time! The mom also had her own personal channel that is great!

10. Meghan Rienks

TRYING ON 20 BIKINIS UNDER $20 | Meghan Rienks YouTube

Want to laugh and realize that not every beauty guru just does makeup and hair tutorials, then this is the channel for you!

11. Zoella


She just makes everyone want to smile, she vlogs and she has a beauty line as well as she is a writer.

12. Shane Dawson

The Secret World of Jeffree Star YouTube

He is the king of YouTube, it's as simple as that!

13. Siena Mirabella

Healthy What I Eat In A Day 2018! YouTube

One of the best YouTubers in my opinion, she is so relatable and really takes the time to put out quality content!

14. Amanda Steele


Beauty guru and fashion icon!

15. Cole and Sav

Our Baby's Official NAME REVEAL!!! YouTube

A very cute family that will make your heart melt!

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