Top 15 most beautiful hikes in the south
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Top 15 most beautiful hikes in the south

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee

Top 15 most beautiful hikes in the south

1. "Pickens Nose"

| Located: Pickens, SC | 2 Mile RT hike, puppy friendly| Find the lookouts on the right and left at the top of the mountain, drive up the mountain on dirt and gravel paths, check with the mountain to make sure that they are open that day *Must go for sunrise hike* (Very close to the Dillard house, which is a must for lunch after your sunrise hike!) {This is a "see the valley" hike} Pickens Nose Pickens Nose Pickens Nose Pickens Nose Pickens Nose @Maddieflood13

2. "Providence Canyon"

| Located: Lumpkin, GA | Nickname: "Mini-Gand Canyon" | (This is us southerners version of the Grand Canyon) | 4.85 mile RT hike, puppy friendly | Print out the trail map before you go | *Mid-day hike* | {This is a "see the rock skyscrapers" hike}

3. "Bell Mountain"

| Located: Hiawasee, GA | 1/4 Mile hike with stairs, puppy friendly | Stop in Helen 1st for Fudge at "Kopper's Kettle Fudge Shop" | Bell Mountain is known for all of its rock graffiti, drive up the mountain on a newly paved road (it will feel as if you are in people's backyards -because you are, but you will be going in the right direction, park at the top past the pedestrian sign, check the weather because it is at such a high altitude that it is normally covered in clouds, the temperature drops 10 degrees at the top, so bring a jacket | *Mid-morning hike* | {This is a "see the valley & lake" hike} Bell Mountain

4. "Tallulah Gorge: Natural sliding rock"

| Located: Tallulah, GA | 3.4 Mile RT hike, NOT puppy friendly | Bring: Lunch, bathing suit, towel, waterproof phone bag or ziplocks, and an Eno all in a backpack! | ONLY during summer season, the 1st 100 people are allowed to go down the the water slide, arrive 40 minutes before they open to make sure that you are a part of those 100 people who get to take the 20 minute class and sign your life away -they will tell you the rest, ALL shoes slide no matter what because the rocks are watered down -go barefoot on the first river crossing as well as when you go across the almost-vertical waterfall so that you don't slip | *Rise & Shine hike* | {This is a rough it & tough it, slippery rock crawling" hike} Tallulah Gorge

5. "Rock City"

| Located: Chattanooga, TN | 1 hour hike, puppy friendly | Enjoy the scenic view on the way up, park, buy your tickets (Get the season Pass -Cheapest buy and you'll want to come back for the BBQ Nachos I promise!) Take pictures along the way and enjoy your way up, go to the swinging bridge and up to eat at the outside restaurant on the top ***MUST get the BBQ Nachos they are to-die for*** | *Any time of day Hike* | {This is a "Food with a view" hike} Rock City

6. "Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats"

| Located: Cumming, GA | 2 mile RT hike, NOT puppy friendly | Park, go into the visitor center and get to the trail through the visitor center, take the route that goes to Indian Seats NOT the waterfall! | *Any time of day Hike* | {This is a "Historic view of the valley" hike} Indian Seats Indian Seats Indian Seats

7. "Amicalola Falls"

| Located: Dawsonville, GA | 2.1 Miles RT hike, Puppy friendly | Hike up from the base to the top of the waterfall on the trail then hike down the waterfall on the stairs | *Any time of day hike* | {This is a "quick swim in the waterfall" hike} Amicalola Falls Amicalola

8. "Mount Yonah"

| Located: Cleveland, GA | 4.4 Miles RT hike, Puppy friendly | Get ready to sweat, super steep at the top- but one of the most breathtaking views to see, camp out on the top (Bring trash bags and lots of water) | *Best views are at Sunrise and Sunset* | {This is a "see the valley" hike}

9. "Panther Creek Waterfall"

| Located: Clarkesville, GA | 6.9 miles RT hike, Puppy friendly | Bring: A bathing suit, towel, backpack, snacks (lots of them), and your chacos, hiking shoes, or crocs! | *Early morning-All day hike* | {This is a "swim at the base of a waterfall" hike}

10. "Silver Falls"

| Located: Cashiers, NC | 2000 ft. RT Hike, Puppy friendly (Hard for dogs) | Super easy walk/hike, park in the little turnout, don't miss it coming into cashiers from I-85, it will be on your right and leaving cashiers going to I-85, it will be on your left | *Afternoon hike* | {This is a "swimming at the base of a waterfall" hike}

11. "Cloudland Canyon"

| Located: Rising Fawn, GA | 5.1 Miles RT hike with stairs on the return, puppy friendly | Bring: Lots of water, camera, and hiking shoes | *All-day hike* | {This is a "see the valley and multiple waterfalls" hike}

12. "Anna Ruby Falls"

| Located: Lumpkin, GA / Helen, GA | 0.9 Miles RT hike all paved, puppy friendly | Dulling Waterfalls | *Any time of the day hike* | {This is a "walk" with your pup hike} Anna Ruby Falls

13. "Red top mountain state park: Pine Mountain Trail West"

| Located: Cartersville, GA | 4.31 Miles RT Hike, puppy friendly | *Beautiful morning hike* | {This is a "Lake valley" hike} Pine Mountain Trail West

14. "Toccoa Falls"

| Located: Toccoa, GA | 1000 ft. walk, puppy friendly | Easy walk to one of the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi | *Any time of day hike between 8am-Sunset* | {This is a waterfall, sandbank, rock climbing, and swimming" hike}

15. "Sunset Rock"

| Located: Highlands, NC | 200 ft. walk unpaved, puppy friendly -on a leash | Drive through the neighborhood streets, take the right onto the dirt path and drive up the dirt path, park in the SMALL dirt parking lot, walk into the small open are on the right in the forest, the forest opens up onto his HUGE rock mountain side, CAREFUL there are not railings | Bring: A camera and a picnic | *MUST go at sunset* | {This is a "Mountainous view" hike}

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