Top 11 Things That Can Happen While Working In Retail
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Top 11 Things That Can Happen While Working In Retail

Two Words: Rude Customers

Top 11 Things That Can Happen While Working In Retail
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1. Money Arguments

You could have a part time job in retail while in being college as a brilliant math major, but customers do not know how intelligent you are. You could give back exact change, but they could argue that you shorted them money. When you have to explain what they gave you and how much of a difference you owed them, they still will not listen.

2. A customer's card declining

The customer acts lie it is the cashier's fault and keeps trying the same card. Then they have to run out to the car to see if they have money. If they do not have money then you have to do a post void on everything which is a hassle. Meanwhile a line of even angrier customers are forming and complaing that there should be more registers open. What they do not know is that the other employees are either on break or are too busy doing more important things around the store.

3. Ridiculous questions

Them: "Do you work here?" Your thoughts: "I'm wearing a uniform and a name tag, so you tell me the answer to your question."

Them: "How much is this?" Your thoughts: "Well it's a dollar store, so everything is a dollar. Read the signs."

Them: "Why is it $1.08, when the sign says $1.00?" Your thoughts: "Ever hear of tax?"

4. A customer asking others for money

Very often, this type of customer is a regular who always buys too much junk and ends up being short some cash. They always ask other people to spare some cash, but 99% of people become heated rather than helpful. I don't blame them.

5. Adults who cannot control themselves or their children

Honestly, it is bad enough when parents do not teach their children that it is not okay to destroy the toy aisle in a store, but when adults wreck aisles, there has to be some questioning about their respect for others. Sometimes it looks like a tornado plowed through the makeup section.

6. Someone that smells like marijuana, alcohol, like they haven't showered in a month, or all of the above

The only way to stop the odor on someone is to spray perfume, use hand sanitizer, or to hurry up and bag up their items like there's no tomorrow. Other than that when customers start complaining, then you have to kick them out.

7. Catching Shoplifters

Sometimes in retail, you think to yourself "Is risking my life really worth it"? As much as you want to tackle shoplifters and make them feel pain, sometimes it is better to get back to work.

8. Bathrooms becoming a horror scene

You never want to be the employee that has to clean the bathrooms. The floors are sticky, the odor is poignant, and the toilets look like someone never went to the bathroom before in their life.

9. A shelf causing everything else to collapse

There goes all of your hard work.

10. Finding feces and bodily fluids in an item in the store

No explanation necessary.

11. Last minute customers

The worst feeling is when you are about to close the store and a customer pulls up into a space and rushes inside. An even worse feeling is when they grab a cart to start shopping.

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