10 YouTube Channels To Watch When You Want To Escape Your Responsibilities
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10 YouTube Channels To Watch When You Want To Escape Your Responsibilities

Listen, it's two weeks before finals. This is the content I can handle. It's the content I need for myself.

10 YouTube Channels To Watch When You Want To Escape Your Responsibilities

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has brought entertainment to the entire world. Whether your preference is cat videos or podcasts or clips from TV shows or The Office blooper compilations or Vevo music videos or concert videos or how-to-videos or cooking/baking or...the list goes on, you see. Until the company tried to privatize with Youtube Red, it was (and actually still is) the perfect online video streaming service.

No money, decent ad counts, and sharing smiles with the global population. Youtube has even turned into a go to "profession" for many young people. Now, it's a bit more annoying to use the website if you don't have an ad-blocker and a high tolerance level for how the last ten seconds of every video gets destroyed by the channel's popup tags. ; There's also a bunch of controversy over how Youtube doesn't equally promote its devoted creators and Youtubers- there's probably a video about this conspiracy theory on there too.

But, it's still my go-to place for relaxing and laughing. There are endless opportunities for wasting time or using it properly on there. That way, your time is still yours to manage, but at least you're having fun. This all being said, here are my top 10 favorite Youtube Channels. Just FYI- these don't include any Vevo music channels because I love too many of those to put them in a ranked list. Seriously.

1. Jenna Marbles

I'm a VIRgo. (not. you know ya girl is a pisces...crying and all that)


Jenna, like Shane Dawson, is one of the few Youtubers from the very beginning still left. And she is the ultimate Youtuber, with over 10 million subscribers. She, unlike many other creators, isn't addicted to ad-sense or PR or trending. She's just in her 30s, exploring her interests and hobbies, and I can only wish to be as motivated as her in doing so in my own life. Her "too-much" gene shows in her "Beau-tuber" videos while her comical side shows in her parodies and her Jenna's Ratchet Salon/cooking collaborations with Julien. She has no filter and perfectly emotes her realistic "don't care" attitude, and that's sometimes how I aspire to be. And her dogs definitely share a part of her creator-name. She's just a pure entertainer and her videos every Wednesday/Thursday give me the perfect pick me up in the middle of the week. 100/10 Would recommend.

2. Julien Solomita

Dink dink.


Julien is one half of the most amazing Youtube pair, along with Jenna Marbles. He makes videos documenting his Californian life. A lot of his work is more of his pursuit to improve in videography and vlogs, but the occasional vlog about Kermit crying or Peach begging for food or Marbles just enjoying his senior dog life or J&Js Kitchen is also his go-to. His commitment to making aesthetic vlogs and interestingly-shot angles in videos is truly refreshing in the whole index of Youtube index. He's the only vlogger whose content I never hesitate to watch all the way through. It's honestly inspiring to see him pursue this passion of his, and I like being inspired. Also, his Aries-ness definitely invades many of his videos, as does his love for Twitch and the Jenna-Julien Podcast. Also 100/10 Would recommend.

3. The Office US

"Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."


I mean...this channel posts compilations of character moments from The Office. I know the TV show isn't for everyone, but honestly, it's an acquired taste. You almost have to watch the series all the way through TWICE to appreciate the weird humor. And even though episodes are only about 25 minutes, I sometimes just need to watch "Every That's What She Said Ever." The end.

4. Buzzfeed Unsolved

Hey there demons...it's me........ya boy.


I really enjoy horror content. A lot of movies made kind of irritate me though because all of the pressure to scare the audience is placed on jumpscares. I appreciate A Quiet Place and Hereditary though. Both surprising as far as plot goes, but the latter is definitely more scarring. Would not recommend unless you want to permanently change your brain. But, as a college student, I do not have the time to invest in a whole movie. So instead, I satisfy my spooky needs with these two nerds above- Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. Buzzfeed is sometimes overbearing, but Buzzfeed Unsolved is perfect. That's where all the funding for Buzzfeed should be going. The pair spend their time investigating true crime, supernatural, and conspiracy theories. Ryan's a believer. Shane isn't. That's where the comedy comes in. And that's I need to get through the week...every week.

5. JunsKitchen

Cooking. Cats. I'm crying.


JunsKitchen is perhaps the most aesthetic cooking channel on Youtube. Jun isn't a professional chef, but it's quite hard to believe that when you see his knife skills paired with his artistic plating of his creation. But his cool tempura foods and desert videos aren't even the best part of the channel. It's his 3 cats: Haku, Nagi, and Poki. CATS. These cats aren't just your regular old barn cats. They're like the royalty of cats. They're all like, TRAINED, but not really. They just sit there and watch Jun cook and they are truly interested the entire time. If that isn't pet goals, I'm not sure what is. I don't eat half of the foods he cooks. I just enjoy his photography and videography and cats. That's it.

6. Shane Dawson


Now. I know what some of you are going to say. I do. But I don't stan Shane. His work, while improved, has proven to be controversial, what with him giving more of a voice to an attention-seeking rich kid than the problems that he causes for others. *cough cough* Not naming any names. His videos have only recently improved in content. A lot...A LOT... of his videos have the disgusting yellow background and some "outrageous" thumbnail with Shane trying celebrity favorite foods or making slime with random things. That is not the content I watch. I appreciate his videos where he and his whole gang of Ryland, Garrett, Morgan, and Andrew explore haunted ships and hotels. And his whole "series" videos are entertaining at face value, only good for wasting time when you don't want to work on your literature review due in two nights...Shane is entertaining to watch because he's just so weird- more than most of us. His ability to not care about the jokes he makes is a bit cringey, but it works for him. The fact that he's in his 30s is honestly amusing because Youtube has morphed into this weird fame platform for teens, but it is admirable that he has stayed committed to improving the things he puts out into the world.

7. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Prepare yourselves for the Brown Come-Up.


First of all, his name is NOT pronounced "HaSAAAN Minnnajj." It's "Huh-sun Min-hhaj" Now, keep in mind, I don't pay for cable or Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or Youtube Red...etc. I prefer piracy (lol). But Patriot Act loves its fans and uploads their full episodes on Youtube for free- please don't ever change, Hasan. But anyways, that's beside the point. Funnily enough, Hasan used to be a senior correspondent on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, bringing his brown excellence to news updates and his takes on political situations. This past year, he broke off and started Patriot Act, a satire-variety show dedicated to showcasing global news, politics, and culture in his unique comedic style. Personally, I appreciate and support his work wholeheartedly because he is one the few South Indian "celebrities" in Hollywood, so I get my little slice of representation. And no, his series isn't just about Trump or political conflicts in Saudi Arabia or Immigration or Affirmative Action, but it spans all things in culture, from Supreme to Amazon. He, like Trevor Noah, spices up his news coverage with easy-to-understand graphics that look super clean. Also, his intro and outro music is perfect. Also, note- I've only ranked Hasan and Trevor #7 and #8 because I'm not ALWAYS in the mood for political-satirical-comedy. I have to be in the perfect cynical mood.

8. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Dimple gang.


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah was one of the first political-comedy-satire shows I got into. Since Trevor Noah took over for Jon Stewart, the whole show is perfectly amazing. He has the ability to make boring, pedantic politics into something digestible and humorous- a bit of self-deprecatory humor for Americans to stomach is always healthy. His "Between the Scenes" moments are also filled to the brim with comedy bits, personal stories, and audience interactions, all of which are effectively delivered by Noah what with his ability to speak in multiple accents and eight...8!...EIGHT languages. If that doesn't make you feel inadequate, I'm not sure what will. Also, just the fact that the show just advertises itself as a "Fake News Outlet" is so iconic.

9. Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link



Good Mythical Morning, or GMM, is a variety/comedy show hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They're famous for their "Will It" series, where they both test things like "Will It Ice Cream Sandwich?", and their generally hilarious and intuitive videos- sometimes, they even feature A-listers like Jimmy Fallon and Daniel Radcliffe. These two were one of the first Youtube channels I "religiously" watched. I'll be honest- I don't watch them as much anymore, but whenever content is lacking on the Trending page or in my other subscriptions, they are my go to for an entertaining talk show.

10. Joe Raciti- Piano Tutorials

Wow, modern day Mozart.


This channel might be unfamiliar to you, but it's my go-to for learning the piano chords or melody to any song I want. While I play violin and sing, I do like plunking out pop and indie songs on the keys- this channel sees this hobby of mine and just provides 24/7, 365 days a year.

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