1. Hub Grass

The Hub Grass gives an amazing view of the castle and during the day it's mostly empty. It's a great place to sit with friends and take pictures.

2. Main Street Seats

To the right of Main Street when you're facing the castle, there is a small nook with two tables and umbrellas. It's a perfect place to bring your Starbucks and a book, and you still get a good view of what's happening on the street.

3. Harambe Market

Animal Kingdom has some of the best quick service food, so grab something from Yak&Yeti, find a seat, and get ready to enjoy the beautiful art that surrounds the market.

4. France Pavilion 

The market in the France Pavilion is often very busy, so you may have to wait for a seat. However, the pastries are amazing, and if you're able to get a seat outside, you'll see the other guests faces as they take in how beautiful the France Pavilion is.

5. American Pavilion

The American Pavilion is somewhat small, but if you sit on the fountain, you'll get a great view of anything that is happening on the stage across from The American Adventure.

6. Magic Kingdom Train Station

Surprisingly, not a lot of people hang out at the Magic Kingdom Train Station itself, but you'll get an amazing view of the entirety of Main Street and Cinderella's Castle.

7. Sleepy Hollow 

To the right of Cinderella Castle, you'll find Sleepy Hollow, home to some of the best waffles you'll ever taste. This spot is shady and there is a lot of seating. You also get a great view of Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire.

8. Canadian Pavilion

The Canadian Pavilion includes Victoria Gardens, and it's surprisingly empty most of the time, so it's a great place to relax. The further back you go into the Canadian Pavilion, the better view you'll get of the waterfall.

9. Morocco Pavilion

The Morocco Pavilion is deceivingly large. If you go far back past the shops, there is a small area that is shaded and it allows people to sit and relax. Sometimes, you'll even see Aladdin back there!

Disney Springs 

Disney Springs is so ideal after a day at the parks. It has great shops, great food, great entertainment, and of course, great spots to sit and people watch.