The 10 New Year's Resolutions No One Ever Sticks To, But Makes Anyway

The 10 New Year's Resolutions No One Ever Sticks To, But Makes Anyway

The goals we want to reach but never quite do.

A new year brings ambitions to change whatever was bad in the past year and make them better. Every new year we all pick one thing we are going to change, or stop, or even begin, but as New Years comes and goes all those old habits they die hard. It's hard to change a habit that you are so used to having.

Here are 10 resoultions that nobody sticks to:

1. Losing Weight

We all have that 5, 10, or even 20 pounds we want to lose and say we will but never do. For some, it may be more, but it always stays the same. The first week goes great and maybe you even lose a pound or two, but then you get busy and life gets in the way and bam, you are right back to where you started at the end of last year.

2. Hitting the Gym

Whether it be to lose weight or to just simply tone up, we say we will start going to the gym more and sometimes we do for that first week or two but then it becomes more of a hassle. That’s when little by little you go less and less until you don’t go anymore.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Okay, so this is more one for my generation (AKA college students). We always say we are going to stop procrastinating and get ahead on our work so we don’t stress ourselves out. However, something happens when you do this. Once you get ahead in one area you feel so proud of yourself that you give yourself a break, which only results in you getting behind in another area and you end up right back where you started.

4. Eating Healthier

This one, for me anyway, only ever lasts about a day. Eating healthy is really hard, in my opinion, anyway. A lot of times healthier products are more expensive and if you are on a budget, that presents a challenge. And if you are like me and are a busy bee, you don’t always have the time cook a healthy meal and you end up grabbing whatever I convenient.

5. Getting More Sleep

Again, another one for the college kids. We are a bunch of caffeine hyped, sleep deprived, young adults. It’s easy to say, ‘"Oh I'll start going to bed earlier", but when you got that 10-page paper due in three days and that Calc test tomorrow and homework up to your eyeballs, sleep is more of an afterthought.

6. Quit Smoking

Now, personally, I don’t smoke but just about everybody else I know does. This is a hard feat because you get addicted to the tobacco and it's hard to just drop it. Most people I know don’t even last a day because it's too hard. That’s what makes this one of the hardest resolutions to keep.

7. Stop the Extra Spending

This one is actually easier than most people make it. I have personal experience with this one. When I got my first job and got the taste of real money and didn’t have any bills to pay, the online shopping addiction was real. But once I lost that job and no longer had any money it made me realize I need to watch what I spend. However, old habits do die hard and if you are one to buy whatever you want whenever you want this would be pretty hard to break.

8. Spend More Time with Family

I don’t personally have this resolution ever because I get enough of my family as it is. I can only take them in small doses. This tends to be a resolution to for others. This is nice and all but if you have the same schedule January 1st that you had December 31st, chances are you really aren’t going to be able to carve out any extra time.

9. Try New Things

We would all love to have hobbies and try new things but if you have a busy schedule it's just hard to do, especially if you are bad at managing your time. Like my last point, if you have the same schedule as before this resolution is sure to fail as you simply don’t have the extra time to put towards this.

10. Be Less Stressed

Be Less Stressed

This is definitely easier said than done. If you are a naturally anxious and high-strung person like myself then you know stress just kind of becomes a part of everyday life. I feel like this is a bad resolution only because I know personally I would become more stressed by trying not to be stressed.

Now, I’m sure there are many more, but I feel like this is a solid list. However, this is not me saying you can’t have these resolutions because they will fail, this is just what I have noticed to fail most often with myself and others I know. If one of these is your resolution, good for you. I truly hope that you achieve your goal and have a happy new year.
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1. Plant Sale (Thursday, April 19)

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2. Eco-Trivia Night (Thursday, April 19)

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