Top 10 Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Movies
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Top 10 Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Movies

If you don't still have them on VHS, were you actually a fan?

Top 10 Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Movies

Mary-Kate and Ashley movies defined our childhoods. They were fundamental to our growing up. Some movies were obviously better than others. Many were filled with humor, love stories and some even had throwbacks to past films. These are the top ten Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies...but if you don't still have them on VHS, were you actually a fan?

Holiday In the Sun

Brianna Wallace the queen bee of the century. As evil as she was in this movie…boy, did we all aspire to be Megan Fox!

New York Minute

The best part of this movie was when they ended up in the hotel room with that really cute guy, and all of the really trendy outfits they wore (one pictured above).

Passport to Paris

Three syllables: es-car-got. This movie was everything and more!

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

If this movie didn't creep you out, you probably never saw it. Clowns never freaked me out till I saw this!

Billboard Dad

Words and phrases like "hunk-asaurus" and "cool to the max" were thrown around in this California-based film.

Winning London

Chloe and Riley jet off to London in their wool peacoats to show the native Londoners that they know how to have a good time too!

Our Lips Are Sealed

Similar to many of the duo's fun-packed films, Mary-Kate and Ashley encounter action, laughs and boys! (And who doesn't love Australian boys!!)

Although these next three are not movies, they are still fantastic series that the Olsen twins were in!

So Little Time

The same teens featured in Winning London, Riley and Chloe, show what its like to be teenagers...very much so unlike their gig in Full House.

You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Party: Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party

Mary-Kate and Ashley threw some bangers in their day! Especially when they ordered P-I-Z-Z-A!


You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Party: Mary-Kate and Ashley's Hawaiian Beach Party

Who doesn't love anything beach-themed? The Olsen twins really know how to please a crowd!

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