Ranked: The Top 10 Hottest U.S. Presidents
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Ranked: The Top 10 Hottest U.S. Presidents

Ranked: The Top 10 Hottest U.S. Presidents

10. Franklin Pierce.

Although many Americans aren't so familiar with Pierce, they should allow themselves to get to know more about him. Picture a gorgeous Johnny Depp, about 200 years ago. Not bad, eh?

9. Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan was known for being a movie star in his younger days, notorious for his handsome face and incredible good looks. However, he was also the United State's oldest president during his time in office, keeping him from being lower on the list.

8. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Not only is this man charming and decently good looking, he was also elected FOUR times. Let's be honest with ourselves ladies, we love a winner.

7. Barack Obama.

Not only is this current Prez a known family-man, he is also a dedicated athlete and is in pretty good shape for his age. Plus, who doesn't love a president who's in tune with society? We love hearing about Barack's interactions with our favorite celebrities.

6. George W. Bush.

Bush is fun, spontaneous, obsessed with his body, and knows how to party. He's is great one-night-stand material for all the same reasons that he was a terrible president.

5. Ulysses S. Grant.

If you're into the lumberjack-esque kind of man, Grant is your guy. With a full beard and a rugged personality, you know Grant likes it rough. On the other hand, he was a degenerate drunk. So, we know he's a good time at least.

4. Bill Clinton.

Although we're not the biggest fans of his taste in women, it is hard to deny that Bill Clinton doesn't have sexiness about him. He's tall, charismatic, but… not always so honest.

3. Abraham Lincoln.

Standing at 6 foot 4, this handsome man was distinguished, brave and loyal to all kinds of Americans. Plus, he wore size 12 feet (which was exceptionally large for his time), and you know what they say about big feet…

2. John F. Kennedy.

If any president was a sex symbol, it was JFK. Hearts were shattered across the country when he was assassinated. And many found the connection between JFK and Marilyn Monroe sexy and mysterious.

1. Fitzgerald Grant III.

Although this may be a fictional president, anyone who has seen or heard of the show Scandal knows that without a doubt, Fitz takes the cake for the sexiest president. Heck, we would even elect the actor who plays Fitz to run our country if we could. Thank you for being you, Fitzgerald Grant.

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