A Letter For Those Who Are Suffering From Life
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A Letter For Those Who Are Suffering From Life

"Do the storms ever stop? -No. But neither do the rainbows." -Sweet Magnolias

A Letter For Those Who Are Suffering From Life

May all of your worlds be beautiful every day. Even though you might forget to bring an umbrella, keep telling yourself: I want it to rain today! The sun dispels the dark clouds, you are always shinning.

May you grow up not by coercion. Learning how to smile without saying, admitting but not believing, learning to understand endless hearts, learning that humanity is not simple. I know you're a hot-tempered person but just take it easy. It's okay, you will be fine.

May you try your whole life and be loved. On the most tiring day, you will meet your "Mr. Right". In the twenties, maybe you would fall in love, but do not let yourself drown. Don't wait for people who do not love you, absolutely do not lose respect. Find someone willing to be with you through the years and be with him as he grows old.

May you live the life you want. Not to flatter haters, nor need to hate anyone. You have always secretly noticed other people's eyes, and you were bothered. Hope that you will understand, things that are not worth it, don't keep in your heart, don't let it bother your mind.

May you always be lucky. Always grateful for life. Love the good, and also love yourself. Please smile, you don't know how beautiful you are when you're smiling.

May you keep yourself strong, but not too strong to accidentally hurt yourself. Honesty must follow the principles; sensibility also needs to be limited. For those who hate you, you have to "pay off the principal and interest", but then do not lose your courtesy: "Sorry if I hurt you. But I am a girl, I have to protect myself first!"

May you be at the most depressing moment, but please still keep your curiosity about the world. If you can't stand the hardships anymore, take a good sleep and wake up again with a beautiful smile. There are still people who love you, a lot. Please do not betray them or choose to give up, especially giving up your life.

May you not skip details and take yourself too easily. If you want to have the right to choose later, from now on you must try to learn and acquire. Everything you do is for no one else, so don't blame anyone for your consequences, you must take care of yourself.

May you put in all the hard work and will return the joy you want. You are the girl who does not accept to live a normal life. Some might say you are strong; some might think you are ignorant. Alright, we don't fully understand people around us sometimes. But do not be too hard on yourself, no matter how wonderful the result you might receive.

May the Earth keep spinning. Everything, everyone will change, as they have always been. Time continues to fly, and you continue to try. Losing your pace and falling behind, those times will come as naturally as the sun will rise. When you feel like the Earth is spinning too fast, someone will make the Earth stand still for you.

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