If I am being completely honest with everyone that is reading this, this week was a total disaster and a rollercoaster of emotions all in seven days. I realized that I forgot to turn in an assignment that was due the previous week, I got a cold and had to sit out for a little bit, I was close to passing out at marching band twice (once yesterday and the other a couple of days ago), I had tried to donate blood at a blood drive twice but each time I was unable to because I either had a high pulse or low iron count, and just a myriad of times where my brain just didn't want to function during the week.

Or I could count the time on Monday where I got up and went to the bathroom during my three hour class twice within a span of half an hour and was almost about to tell my professor at the break that I needed to go home because I wasn't feeling well and I was going to tell my section that I wasn't going to band that day. I think that is what kickstarted the whole off week that I had going on for me.

So yes, this entire week was just not my week, and I'm sure to those that are reading this article right now can say the same to a few things that have happened either in the previous week or even the past month where you felt like this week just wasn't your week.

But of course, that's only just one week. And it shouldn't be a total damper to anyone's bad week. It is always good to see the bright side of things at times when things are going terrible.

A lot of good things that happened during this off week for me came in the later half of the week. My partner for one of my classes and I put together a rough draft for what we want our final class project to be. I took an exam at the earliest time that I could physically take it and got it off my plate. I was able to volunteer for two hours at the blood drive. I got this one song that I had to memorize for marching band under my fingers and was able to understand it better for a performance we had Saturday. To top it off, I got to talk to my boyfriend on the way to the performance; and the icing on the cake, I got to see my parents at the performance since it was so close to my hometown.

What I am saying is that there will be moments where you just want to hide under the covers away from the world and disappear. But just remember all of the happy moments that you got to experience over the week and maybe, just maybe, that off week will be something of the past.