To The Person Who Is Always Tired

In today's world, everyone is constantly busy and getting even busier. Whether it would be work, school, or other obligations and responsibilities. No one person is the same based on how they are busy. I am a full-time student-athlete and I am involved in many other activities and into volunteering as well.

On top of all of that, my mornings start very early (before 5 am) and I am on the go until around eight. During the day, it is definitely obvious that I am tired and ready for a nap. However, when you are constantly on the go your tiredness definitely catches up.

Sometimes, I feel bad for how tired I look in class or wherever I go. However, when I see others who are in similar positions I have empathy for them because I understand completely! It just goes to show how hardworking you are, and you have nothing to be ashamed of! There are many of us out there who have a passion or goal that we are working towards.

The road towards those goals can be quite challenging and can take a toll on our bodies. I aspire to get accepted into medical school, and my over three years of college have been very difficult on top of everything else that I am involved in. However, I know what I want to do and that is to use the education that I have received to help as many people as possible through the power of medicine.

That is why I work very hard to the point where I do look tired of going to class, and I sacrifice some free time in order to keep on this road. Now, we do have to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally in order to keep functioning. That is very important to remember!

Whatever goal that you are striving for and working towards, just remember that it may be difficult! You will get tired! Just remember why you are doing all of this work, and the next time that you are tired just remind yourself that you are almost there!

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